Newell Purple Series Reel

Discussion in 'Fishing Rods and Reels For Sale' started by TadyHawK, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. TadyHawK

    I am looking for a purple newell series of 332, 338, and 533. Those things are bad ass.
  2. screaming_spool

    what about a 220 or 229
  3. Ready4TheYellow

    I have the 338 and 533 at the shop. I believe a couple of each
  4. cactilen

    Hey hawk i have a new PR 533-4.6 still in the box,let me know .Len Layman
  5. marlyn

    were not forgetting about those thong pictures either...
  6. Ready4TheYellow

    Yes I have an image in my mind, but still I'm waiting for the full effect.
  7. sdfishkiller

    I have a Purple Newell S332-5 from the 80's-maybe early 90's. I still use it for my jigstick.

    I was told it belonged to Rollo Heyn from the kid who got it from Rollo's significant other.

    I saw one on Ebay a year after I bought it from him, probably around 2000-2001 for $350.00 AND GOING UP!

    That's my story.
  8. Rubberhook2

    I have had the same purple 332-5 for atleast 12 years that my buddy Corky Yokoe sent me when he worked at Newell. Sent me a cool 533-5.5 with a bright red handle too. That purple reel got alot of looks over the years before the were available to the public and is still one of my favorite go to reels for seabass and yellows.

    Here is acouple of pics of my son with it from 6 years ago...

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  9. localLJslayer

    corky still works for them
  10. TadyHawK

    Hey steve, how much do they run for a 338?

  11. TadyHawK

    for sure wait until my bday, i can get "some"