Newell 533

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by sKunKbad, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. sKunKbad

    Are the harness lugs reversible on this reel? My Penn Baja Special has reversible harness lugs, and I'm considering buying the Newell 533, but don't need the harness lugs.
  2. GUERO

    not reversible, but you can shave them off.
    you don't want to just take them out because water gets in the empty slots
  3. Ready4TheYellow

    The clip on the right sideplate comes off, and the one on the left side looks like it does, although I believe the information that comes with the reel says not to do this.
    You can try this:
    You could buy a couple of harness lugs and grind off the top
    loop and insert them in place of the full lugs. You could then
    remove the cross bar and install two short, stainless screws
    through the side plates and tighten with small nuts on end of
    screws. I've done this on a 440 Newell and use it for throwing
    iron, however the 440 doesn't have the harness lugs so I didn't
    have to install the homemade spacers.

    I read that somewhere....Good Luck:beerbang:
  4. sKunKbad

    well crap! what i really wish i could find is some longer reel clamp screws for the baja special. The only reason I was thinking about this 533 is that I can easily get longer screws for it.
  5. Steve K

    The Baja Special comes with two sets of clamp bolts. Look in the box. I had the same problem with mine except it was loose on a reel seat. Got the right parts and it fit just right.