newell 332

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by elcapo1, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. elcapo1

    how much 40# test can a 332 hold ?

    which reel cast better p332, s332 ?
  2. seal clubber

    150 yards maybe or #40
  3. MikeL

    One thing to keep in mind is the newell 332 only has jig master size drag washers which are a bit undersized for 40lb line.
  4. mchawk

    It will hold about 270yds of 40lb mono, but really more of a 20-30lb reel.

    Never been much of a fan of the S series, I prefer the P and G series ( prefer the original P's because of the extra drag ) and a P series with the aluminum spool switched out to a graphite spool even better.
  5. Geordybass

    The way Newells are rated are by their model names,


    -320 yds of mono

    With 40 you'll get about 240 yds of line or so, it'll do just fine, 30 is prime though.
  6. hucklongfin

    It'll hold roughly 240 yds of 40#. Newells are rated in terms of Berkley tournament line which is smaller in diameter than regular mono. The 332, nominally rated at 320 yds of 30# will hold about 290 yds of 30# mono like Big Game. So knock off about 10% of their ratings and you're in the zone.

    Both reels being equivalently tuned, the S332 will probably out cast the P332 due to having a graphite spool rather than an aluminum spool. If your comparing an original P to a current S, the P332 is a better made reel.