newell 229 5:1 or 3.6:1

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by verdooch, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. verdooch

    Hi to all,
    Last season I was able to use a 229 for 25# line and loved the way it casted and how the dine could swim, my question is would I benifit with the 3.6:1 gear ratio?

    Thanks in advance for your advice
  2. TurdRoller

    I would stick with the 5:1, it's an all around useful gear
  3. CALCOfshr

    I agree with Kyle. I whooped a #45 yellowfin on #20 line with the 5:1 gears. Its nice to be able to quickly cut off a hook and tie on say...a small crocodile and use the same rig for bonies n cudas.
    Unless its a P series or has an aluminum spool,the lower gears aren't a big plus. Afterall,it not a 2 speed slugfest reel for bigger fish. LOL
    Dig the reel as it is and use it for fun.
  4. MikeL

    I would also suggest sticking with the 5:1 gears. The spool is small enought on that reel that 3.6-1 gears would result in a very slow retrieve rate. I have used a Newell 229 for many years, its a great bait reel and when anchovie fishing returns it will really outpeform all of the heavier metal reels.
  5. coryellk

    If you exclusively fish bait then switch the gears to 3.6. The 5:1 ratio isn't going 'add any action" to your sardine and help it get bit. Once you get bit, the difference in landing a fish with 3.6 and 5:1 gears is like night and day.
  6. Yerman

    I know this is an old thread but I am curious to hear others thoughts. I am thinking of a 220 with a low 3.6:1 strictly for bait.
  7. stiffblade

    You will all think again when you see the price and availbility of the 3:6 gear sets, unless you buy a new Newell reel with the lower gears in them. Plus the spool diameter is so small I don't see a difference until you get to the 332/338 size. Then you will have an advantage with 3:6 gearing.