Newell 220F Blackie with Blue

Discussion in 'Fishing Rods and Reels For Sale' started by ricogrande, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. ricogrande

    Interesting reel in excellent condition. I sent it with some other reels to Alan Tani for service. I assume it has new bearings and greased carbon fiber drag washers. Functions perfectly. Yes, there are very slight cracks at a few expected side plate screw locations but very hard to see. I don't know the reason for the blue handle and washer but it came to me that way and probably has an interesting history. I have the clamp but no box. Someone should enjoy this reel at the great price of ***SOLD***. PayPal gift. Located in Olympia, Wa.

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  2. russ1962

    PM sent
  3. Grmanrocks

    from my understanding carl used to mark reels that he loaned out to friends and representatives to test with colored washers and handles.

    the blue that those parts are made from matches another "blue" blackie that was on this board a while back, its more of a smurf blue than the later blue runs of whole reels.

    cool piece you have there sir :)
  4. ricogrande

    Bump for lower price
  5. ricogrande

    Bump for another lowered price
  6. ricogrande

    This beautiful reel has sold and is headed back to southern California.
  7. Wildman

    It IS beautiful - Thank you, Fred!