new yellowtail painting

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by fishpainter, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. fishpainter

    Its close to being finished..worked on it for a full 3 days in Sacramento at a tattoo show....had to take a break and give my hands a rest...This is part of my "Locals only"series...its called "Bully"...30x20"acrylic on canvas...a c-bass is next.Hope u peps like.M

    foot2.jpg bully8.jpg bully9.jpg
  2. MacAttack

    Fantastic. :git:
  3. Az.monkey

    that's pretty sick Matt, can't wait untill your finished
  4. hotrodtuna

    Bad Ass....yet another I will need to add to the collection!
  5. odh33

  6. basstrich

    very nice Matt
  7. JiGGZ

    THATS HIM!!!! THATS HIM!!!!!!! Thats the Tail that KICKED my ASS at the Islands in '76!!!

    Great work !
  8. Blackfish

    love the hook in the lip...IMO, it makes the painting.
  9. Lil Ceez

    3 hooks Mike.

    And BTW, i loooove a foot job Matt. How much? LOL.

    Matty, you ready to draw me a tat that i will have permanently drilled on me?

    Lets do this!


    Lil ceez
  10. ConSeaMate

    You should put some nappy ass hairs on it!............:picknose:
  11. Blackfish

    I totally missed that.....the one in the bottom lip just grabbed me.....

    Fishpainter, nice work.
  12. Squid Vicious

    .....................BOMB !!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for prints
  13. fishpainter

    what are you thinking Cris?I will have some time in July to do a custom piece for you.
    Thanks for all the feedback.Matt
  14. Spyder

    Another awesome painting Matt!

    Hmmmmmmmm.....custom tattoo huh?
  15. GUERO

    Tattoos are gay:gayfight:
  16. rza007

    Thats awesome
  17. Robin Hood

    Thats one crazy ass yellow i WOULDN'T like to catch!

    That's cool.
  19. barracuda Killer

    dude your shit sucks ass

    send my print, check is in the mail
  20. Smudge

    He needs to floss more...:D