New Years Eve............

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Babu, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Babu

    What are the Plans? :eyepoppin :confused: :Exploding :Lets_do_i :gry_md_wh :Stab_emot gayz: :_hot_: :cwmboom2: :puff: :Kick_emot :rockin: :jo: :smoking33 :720icon: :boobies: :ele: :ele: :ele: :fight1: :_smack_: :hump: barf barf barf
  2. Jan from Humbol

    Stay away from amatures:rofl: :eyepoppin :rofl:
  3. Papa "J"

    Staying home...getting some Maine lobster & Dungeness crab from Ranch 99. Having a seafood feast.

    Too many idiots out on the road for New Year's...Hope everyone has a safe one!
  4. Sofia Rose

    Staying home also.
    Cooking a nice dinner for Heather and the kids.
    Will enjoy a fine bottle of champagne and go to sleep.
    Boy that sounds boring.
    Oh well the dinner is going to be fantastic!
    Be safe and have a happy new year.
  5. fishnfu

    Got some crab cakes (Baltimore style) and some nice rib eye steaks. going to do the voovoo that i do so well on the BBQ!!! LOL I plan on having a nice dinner with my wife and kids. Play some games (they got alot of them for Christmas) with my girls. After they go to sleep i will play with another game with the wife!!! LOL
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    I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous new year. I also hope the fishing goes WFO for all of us next year!!! Have a good one friends!!!<o:p></o:p>
  6. Captain Curt

    Mine will pretty boreing also. We like it that way. I bet Saluki will have a date with a flashlight.........:rofl: :rofl:


    The boat Hanna............
  7. byeye

    Dude, that is NOT kosher....
  8. Diamond Jim

    We are staying home also, To many crazy fucker out on NEW YEARS .
    The vary best to all you BD Bros. Jim and Betty:finger: :finger: :finger:
  9. Eye Problem

    Going to Long Beach to see Carlos Mencia, got a hotel room and will have dinner and drinks at the Hyatt prior to the show.
  10. Baja Dreamer

    >"Got some crab cakes (Baltimore style)"

    I'll second that but I'm following it up with a home made apple/lobster bisque served in home made sourdough bread bowls!

    (At around midnight I'm going to have some fun with dry ice!)


  11. GUERO

    I got invited to the Man Massage marathon at Babu's place
    anybody else???
  12. Cory Admin

    I'm getting a horn setup from hornblasters and driving around.
  13. SAGE

    I'm going to Bradzzzz house to watch his ball drop.
  14. locobro

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: 'Drive Safe' Brother

  15. ZZZZZ

    5 Kegs full bar Rancho as of now. :cheers: :drool:

    sage you and the wifey can roll with.
  16. SAGE

    I was just kidding about coming over to check out your nuts ; )
    We may head up to the fricken drive back to PL thats gonna stink......I have seen some amazing displays of stupidity on the roads this holiday season and am not taking any chances.
  17. barracudabreath

    Heading to Lake Arrowhead where we will park our rearends onto a couch for the weekend and watch a little college and NFL football. My cousin and her husband have informed me they need help consuming the 4, yes 4, bottles of Patron they received as X-mas gifts.
  18. Mot's Sr.

    I'm staying put, don't want to get out with all the crazy people, pretty boaring but safe. I'll probably be sleeping before midnight as I allways am.

    Happy New Year's everybody, have a safe one:appl: :appl: :appl:
  19. GUERO

    I'm sure I'll be out working drivin' the smooth Pimps, I always do...........
  20. bburrito

    My sister is turning 21 on the 1st so we are having a huge party at my parents house tomorrow night. Plenty of booze and 20-30 hot 18-22 year olds. Its going to be a great night.

    Does Saluki have a date with a flashlight... or a fleshlight?