New Year's eve plans?

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Dizzole, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. Dizzole

    I'm not doing shit, just going over to my folks' house.So let me hear some of the plans you guys have ,so I'll know someones partying.
    (not you ceez, you dick, i know what you're doing:notworthy )
  2. Kelp King

    I'm gonna party.
  3. michael mclough

    I going to smoke fish and eat clams...
  4. Sofia Rose

    We're staring with a Charger party followed by a New Years dinner with friends.
    I'll be busy cooking all day.
    Menu's are set and all food is ready to be prepared.

    May we all enjoy a year of happiness & health!
    (A few fish would be nice too).
  5. Az.monkey

    Kickin it at home with the wife an kid, might walk nextdoor to the neighbors. Last year she and 6 of her girlfriends got ripped and did a nice Kinky strip tease dance ( wifey wasn't to happy ) we checked on them the next morning only to see 7 nekkit chicks passed out in the living room :eyepoppin
  6. gonebendo

    I'm working until 9ish and then BBQing and riding bikes to Downtown Huntington and the board walk with friends to do New Years Eve proper college style.... Miunus the hard boozin...At least that's the way the story always STARTS... :_shopping
  7. The Notorious S.U.A

    big party down town at the Abbey.
  8. Ali Admin

    I'm going to Azmonkeys house!!!

    Sushi, Lobster and booze over here.
  9. byeye

    I wanna go too.....
  10. Fishing Addict

    There is supposed to be some type of "family" dinner over here. However, I am tempted to grab my gear and go lobster diving tonight.:rofl: You know... before my license expires.
  11. jscrib

    Staying in tonight with a few friends. I don't go out on fucking rookie night anymore. All the kooks who head to the bars one night a year and act like tools doesn't do it for me. Saying things like, "I'm so wasted, fuck yea, whoooooo, yeaaaa!!!".gayz:

  12. barracuda Killer

    Pimping security guards on a horn blower Cruise (1000 people and an open bar) it's on tonight. and stopping by the Abbey and getting pics of george with snot hanging out his nose.

    dont drink and drink, call me, Ill come get you asses.
  13. Dizzole

    Yeap, and he'll run you through jack in the crack too:High_Five
  14. Genelie

    :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :cheers:
  15. Az.monkey

    Bring it bro's ! loaded up on fingerfoods if ya catch my drift :)