New Year's Eve/Day Tuna Massacre Charter

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning' started by Tunabelly, Dec 7, 2004.

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  1. Tunabelly

    With Jason's kind permission to post this message here, I would like to invite our Bloody Deck's friends to join us in killing the first "sportboat" caught tuna on New Year's Day - 2005.


    :p :p :p I talked to my buddy Chris Bowman who fishes commercially for Anthony's,Zenbu,and The Fish Market here in San Diego...He was fishing with his pops on Saturday and Sunday out of Ensenada..They fished down the beach on Saturday for tons 'o cod and large Bonitos..10-12 #'ers.:p :p they went out to the south south-west west towards the Dumper and saw some life and decided to fish on Sunday...

    They fished Sunday and caught 7 albacore and 8 yellowtail...:7 :7 :7 ....They were a bit west of the dumper pretty much on the east-west push...The yellows came off of kelps and were 10-15 #... The albies were 6-30#!!!!!!! Chris saw two different spots of tuna fish but they didn't have enuff bait as the tuna stops came after 1200 pm and their bait was pretty beat up as well as the weather was picking up considerably..Nothing gnarly he said...but it was wet coming home...6-7 foot ground swell and about 10-15 kts. in the am with the swell and wind building in the afternoon..He said it would be piece of cake on Mark's boat...Just bring your slickers as this weather is laying down and pushing east quite fast!!!!!!! I will get the numbers from Chris and give 'em to mark...Not that he needs them....but all dope is good dope...and my partner is a top flight it's good dope :+ :+ :+ Let the games begin...See you all on the rig...Peace...;-) ;-)

    Re-Posted on main board for YoYoChef.... TB.

    12/29/04 - New Year's Eve Dinner - Prime Rib
    I talked with Captain Mark tonight and Chef Geoff will be preparing a beautiful Prime Rib roast for our New Year's Eve dinner.


    For those of you who are wine drinkers, you may wish to bring along the appropriate red wine for Prime Rib. I will be bringing my favorite red wine, Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill, nothing like a nice red to enhance the taste of the prime rib.


    I'm calling END CUT right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This will be an off-shore “New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day – Tuna Trip. Our target will be to catch the first tuna for the 2005 Season. We may also swing inside to get our limits of rockfish, etc., so be prepared for both.

    Leave: Thursday night, Dec. 30 at 8PM. Fishing Friday, Dec. 31 and Saturday, Jan. 1. Back Saturday night at about 6PM.
    Cost: $280. Trip, food, and Mexican permits included

    Our plan is to locate and catch some fish on Friday, put out the sea anchor then drift with the lights on so the bait will accumulate under the boat, wake up early New Years Day (pre-dawn), chum like crazy, and try to pull off a New Year's Day Tuna Massacre to start off the 2005 season.

    Tuna Massacre Members - so far:

    1. Tunabelly - Chief Antagonist & Cat Herder - Paid
    2. Boswell - Public Defender for the Tuna - Paid
    3. Mrs. Boswell - ST - Chief Executive Counsel - Paid
    4. Cousin Gilbert - Bearer of Killer Burritos
    5. okpop - Director of Positive Publicity
    6. Roxy - Event and Food Services Director (Tailgate Party) - Paid
    7. Bill - Meteorological Systems Monitoring - Paid
    8. SoCalSlew - No Assignment - His Idea earns a pass. - Paid
    9. Toadtamer - All is right with the world now that Ken is aboard and bearer of Teriaki Sticks.
    10. Guero67 - Mariachi Musica
    11. The Shark - New Year's Eve Party Favor Procurement Director
    12. Backlash Dave - Principal Director of Musical Entertainment (1960's CD music) and Boombox
    13. Tsuriya - Director of Entertainment Quality Control (no nekked guys)
    14. Fishslayer - "Chief Referee"' assigned rail spaces Red Section
    15. Johnnyfish - Director of Disco Activities - responisible for BeeGee's Music, Disco Balls, and White disco suit !!!
    16. YoYoChef - Mike Saldivar - TB's Food Taster - Mike is a great Chef !!
    17. Greg Manhalter - Head Steward and Assistant to YoYoChef !!
    18. Nicky - Commander-in-Charge of Appetizers !!!!!
    19. Dan Upchurch - BigDog... With that name, he will be our Sgt. at Arms !
    20. Steve Ervin - Gearho... TallyMaster..will keep track of the albies/yellows that hit the deck for an accurate fish count for the SAT phone call to Jason.

    Only 1 spot left..... come on, Rose Parade or Tuna ???

    If you are interested, please e-mail me at:

    This is a great start for the 2005 TUNA season !!!!!!


    :) :) :) :) :)
  2. Jason Admin

    I highly recommend fishing with George. He runs an awsome charter. Very cool gang to hang out with. If our boat ain't running on the 1st you will see me on this trip.
    From what I've seen out there lately there will be no problem finding tuna on the 1st. Especially with a sportie range and bait tank...
  3. FishWiz

    Sounds like our annual private boat New Year's Eve/Day run for the first Albie's of the new year will have some company out there for the first time. I expect we will be on 72 if the party boat capt. is up for any location info (assuming we find them) or just conversation.
  4. Jason Admin

    I already told George to talk to you guys on 72. :D
  5. FishStalker

    We'll just have to kick their asses and knock them off the fish...:D
  6. Jason Admin

    This charter needs to get filled. Where's all the people that wanted to do a charter for tuna with Senor tuna vs bd? We need someone to represent!
  7. Dexloy

    If you pay for it i can go!!
  8. bertram31

    Make that 2 spots.

  9. tsuriya


    looking forward to a fun trip.

    Ron (Director of Entertainment Quality Control) self appointed :)
  10. rhruza

    Where do I sign up.
  11. Jason Admin

    Aww hell no!
  12. Jason Admin

    If you are interested, please e-mail me at:
  13. Tunabelly

    Captain Mark Oronez will be running an open party 1.5 day recon trip on 12/18, to make sure we are on the right spot come New Year's Day. You can jump on the 12/18 trip by calling Seaforth Landing.

    TB :) :)
  14. Jason Admin

    What danny didn't tell you is that there is only 2 caught and both are 2lbs. The other boats including our Matt and Bruce are comming up zero. Gonna need a sportie to get down to where the fish are now... I also like how he listens in to our conversations then trys to sell it... Big surprise for him next year when we all go with DSC MMSI.
  15. Tunabelly

    Hmmmmmmm..... 2# albacore !!!

    I'll bring some teriaki sticks with us on our New Year trip and we can grill 'em !!!

    We caught a few of those 2#'ers on our last trip, BUT they were mixed in with some of these.

    I agree a sportie would be helpful, it took a lot of bait to bring the big boys up to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    Pictures from our Pacific Voyager trip 11/20/04........................ can't wait to get a shot at the big un's again in two weeks..... !!!!!


  16. Jason Admin

    Okay. They found um. They are still there just not where they thought they were. Mixed in with YT and BFT!
  17. Dexloy

    oh no!!! not mix in with YT and BFT, dog's and cat's living together.................
  18. Dexloy

    Is there still room? or a better ? would be if I find the money will they let me go too? lol
  19. fishkillerbill

    Yep still have a few spots and yes you can go--

  20. Johnnyfish

    The wife just gave me a hall pass, I'm in if there is still an open spot.