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Discussion in 'Spear Fishing Reports and Info' started by fishmuncher, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. fishmuncher

    Hey everyone-

    My name is Matt and I am addicted to spearfishing. I'm stoked to have this resource and learn from everybody, as well as hopefully make a few connections.

    I've been shore diving for the last few years, as I wanted to get comfortable and effective before going for the big guys. However, as you know, calicos can only tie you over for so long....

    I just purchased my first real gun, an aimrite carbon fiber 130c, and am looking forward to nailing some sizable fish. If you guys need anything, have any advice, or are looking for a fish murdering mo' fo' to hit the water with, I'm available. Nice to meet you guys!

  2. Customboatguy

    What's up Matt!

    There are several guys on here that dive. I'm sure you'll get some good tips.
  3. 12tunaman

    Hey Matt. I am a spearfisher too, currently do not have a good boat but would love to go slay some paddy fish with you if you have a boat or someway for us to get out there. PM me if interested.
  4. fishmuncher

    Hey dude-

    My brother had a killer boat until last week that he'd take me out on. We'll figure something out. There are some charter options too I've come across...
  5. 12tunaman

    ya, my dad has a 50 ft Cabo up in Washington state and he usually brings it down once or twice a year. I am kinda on a tight schedule but u can shoot me an email at if u want to.
  6. Cool Ethan

    Get on

    it is a way better resource
  7. MonkeyChunks

    welcome to the board, if your up in carlsbad and need a dive buddy hit me up..
    spearboard is very usefull resource in deed.
  8. fishmuncher

    for some reason I'm not able to post on spearboard...really frustrating actually. Can't PM any moderators either because I "don't have that privelage."

    I sent email to the address given under "contact us," with no luck. It's pretty annoying because I'm looking to make some connections. If anyone reading this is on spearboard, I'd love for you to contact a moderator for me. My name on the board is fisheater.