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  1. mxnut273

    im looking for some of your experiences with this boat, as ive never been on it & thinking about jumping on the 976 charter in june for yt & me if you would like to keep it on the dl
  2. dragondo1976

    good captain, good crew. u wont be disappointed.
  3. Slater

  4. jesse

    Those boys fish hard.. If they're on the chew, The NLA will be on them..
  5. Epp

    i went last year(1.5 day trip) the crew was ok, the reason i say that they looked like the walking dead lucky for them the trip i went on was a bust only a few fish
    in short i think i would give the boat another try. dont want to count them out just yet
  6. tuna macker

    One of the best boats.
    My avatar was caught on TNL on a 1.5 day trip.
    Markus is THE MAN.
  7. 12yak

    I've always had good experiences on the boat. Whenever I'm trying to jump on a boat for a quick 1.5-2 day Albie trip, I always look at the New Lo-An's schedule first. Markus is fishy.
  8. GRUNT0369

    i fished the boat once last year, they worked hard to find the fish and the boat loaded up. I have never heard anything bad about this boat or crew.
  9. richb

    Great skipper and crew, if there are fish out there Marcus will find them. He puts in the time on each trip. Only drawback is that he is always maxed out with 32-35 anglers which is good for his business but it is a bit overcrowded for the size. Wish he would drop it down a bit to maybe 26 or so.
  10. ilandaze2

    solid boat. they had good counts last year. im going on the June 8th/9th trip. Should be a fun yellowtail trip too early for tuna.
  11. mxnut273

    Yep that's the same trip I was looking at(got in on)..for $150 for a 1.5 hard to pass up for me even though itgs a bit early in the season
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  12. SeaAddict

    I've been on that boat twice ... One was on a company fishing trip... crew and captain was great .... fishing was also great ..... the other was on an open party and weather and fishing was no good ..... he tried hard I was rally lucky and I caught 2 out of 3 fish that were landed all day and lost one because the hook came off ....captain tries hard and makes good decisions a where to go look for the fish even when fishing is slow....
  13. scrubber

    All true, except.... Sometimes the boat will have some dickheads that will go fishing on it, That just depends on who is going, not unlike many other boats, There is always some A-Holes, Let's just have fun as much as possible, The good boats always get A-Holes on them,some times I avoid the Good boats , good trips because of that. That is a True Fact!!!
  14. Peg North

    I have fished with them usually once or twice a season. Marcus is very agressive to get on the fish; crew helpful and hard-working. Coffee was ready for me by about 5am, which I like. You should go. If fish are biting, he'll find them.
  15. Aggro

    This is the only boat I will ride besides private boats. Top notch bunch.
  16. JJD

    As far as Point Loma Sportfishing's 1 day fleet goes, the New Lo-An is the best of the bunch!

    great crew, great boat, amazing fishermen!
  18. Spicy Tuna

    I wanna get on that trip!
  19. TUNAGUY664

    Been fishing that boat for many years with Nick Cates(previous owner) and with Marcus. Very confortable platform to fish from, large bow for those so inclined,very fishy boat. Nothing but good thing to say about overall operation. One thing to mention is the quality of the finished product when you get home. Not a huge bag of mushy Sh*t. Smaller ziplocked bags with nice clean fillets. My opinion?? 2 thumbs up!!!
  20. SDWhaler17

    very fishy boat, always seems to have counts either equal to or better than similar boats