New jx & lx 2 spds "cast control"

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by paulskier, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. paulskier

    What is this as my friend and i have 5 of these-each about a year old. Can ours be upgraded to this new feature?
  2. Afry

    Pretty sure yours already has it. It's the preload adjustment knob near the handle.
  3. murderNmako

    Yes there is a preset knob on the side of the reel.. you already have it.
  4. coryellk

    Do some homework and search this website on the performance of the cast control feature.
  5. Double Z

    I hope you guys are not talking about the drag control knob.
  6. Afry

    Pretty sure it's all the same knob. I call it preload but Avet calls it cast control on their web site.

    Confusing because I think they are they are assuming you are casting in the bait position and not freespool.
  7. riceman1011

    no its not the same button...

    Avet is coming out with a new feture on the Sx, Lx, and the Mx. on the side of the reel where the clicker is, their is another knob that keeps the cast under control without any birdsnest.

    i just got off of a 3 days trip and Harry from Avet brought some of them. they were AMAZING!! ur thum didnt have to touch to reel at all! and still no backlash.
  8. Afry

    Glad somebody knows what they are talking about!

    Any idea how it works?
  9. paulskier

    THATS what I am Talking about!!!
    Avets have amazing free spool but I get amazing backlashes with them
  10. coryellk

    It's about time Avet stopped advertising the bait position as a cast control. It was one of the biggest, hushed-up, shitty ideas ever produced... Use it and watch your drag pressure get cut by a third or more.

    Nearly every other reel manufacturer uses spool shaft friction to control backlash. Sometimes being the only reel that does something different, only proves you're behind the times, or worse. I wonder when they'll stop gluing dry drag discs?
  11. Double Z

    Just checked the site and there it is. A note about the cast control. Nice.

    Should be some great deals soon for the old models. That's what got me started fishing Avet's. $120 for new (old model) LX/JX's.
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  12. bladeduffer

    I agree. I guess, technically it is a "cast control" feature though as soon as you're done with the cast it's now a drag control knob. LOL! Hec, when I first got my LX I sat for a few minutes looking at my Avet for this "feature". Wow, what a snow job.

    Hec, I didn't even know they did till I opened up my new LX 6/3. There was no retention ring like in my older model LX 4.6:1 even though the schematic shows one. ???
  13. YANK N CRANK #2

    I'll be looking for deals on the pre cast control models.. I don't need no stinkin cast control...LOL
  14. Afry

    Do you only read the furst post?

    Sounds like a great time to get a deal on a couple more JX trolling rigs!
  15. bladeduffer

  16. coryellk

    Arnie is probably throwing a couple back. The dirt business might not be doing so well.
  17. bladeduffer


    Say, a nightcap sounds like a good idea. My bottle of Tanq Ten has been calling out to me.
  18. Afry

  19. gecsr1

    I have one avet reel, and yes I like it, put they seem to always improving there product after it's released. It make me nervous to buy a new model, I think that maybe before a model is released they need more beta testing.... I want a new Ho, but I think I'll wait till it's time tested by the fisherman....

    I don't see so many changes in other manufacturers products. or is it just me....
  20. bladeduffer