New(?) flies

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by TunaFvr, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. TunaFvr

    Well, at least new to me.
    Tried my hand at string leechs and some different beetles with legs.


    Four and Five inch leechs, I keep telling myself, big fly, big Lahontan Cutthroat:cow: :cow:
  2. tattooedfreak36

    Nice looking flies. My dad used to tie professionally, so I know at least a little about it. LOL. Are you using rabbit fur for the leeches, aka bunny leech? I like the shape and especially the 2 small hook design.

    Ever thought of varying the matuka streamer? Dad used to do that for his clients in the Mother Lode area and one guy used to swear by them for BIG browns (18 lbs. was his personal best) Anyway, just food for thought.

  3. TunaFvr

    Those string leechs were my first try at tying them. I got them out of a recent steelhead article, and then found out they have been around for quite some time. The spectra connecting the rear hook is sewn through the bunny strip, that is what made these flies take so long to tie. In the future I am planning on tying up some around three inches, really it was just something to tie on a slow day around the house. The cones are from FG, Orvis aluminum in some hot metallic colors.
    The other bugs are some simple beetle patterns for the heavy line, floating fly technique we all have been working on. And then a different version of the ubiquitous SJW, this one has eight wraps of .020 wire on it.
  4. tattooedfreak36

    Yeah Bruce I saw the cones on another post here before, I believe by Joanie. I like that spectra technique, very innovative. I've been away from tying long enough that there are SO many new techniques now.

    I would think that the string technique would have a LOT of application for saltwater too. It would enable you to use much bigger hooks and make flies much much longer and thus the size of the bait the fish are eating? provided you had appropriate material to bridge the gap I guess?

    Those bunny leeches are going to be killer for you this year, a little bird told me. LOL. If you make it to the Walker or the Owens this year maybe try just hanging them downstream and gently easing them down into that rip rap hole and just sit it there. sometimes you just gotta piss 'em off to get 'em to hit. LOL. My biggest trout came that way (6.5 lb native rainbow in OR). Not like I'm gonna teach you anything about fishing or anything, but hey, for what it's worth anyway...

    Good fishing Bruce. Great flies.
  5. flygoddess

    FAntastic! I never thought of threading the line through the zonker strip! What a killer idea!
    I have been using Gartside Softhackle stingers. I tie a small scud or circle hook to some heavy mono, then secure it to the bigger streamer hook. Found that tying the smaller hook using a very small surdeon's loop, left the hook to wiggle and move more freely. Then I would let it trail at the most, an inch. Depented on how long the Marabou was. Then I would just tie the Gartside on the front hook.
    I don't get near as many misses from them sucking on the there is a little surprise waiting for them:rofl:

    Leggs on the Tadpole and no tail.........SWEEEEETTTTTTT!

    Love them Bruce! Gonna try that bunny thing. Maybe try a two tone (top olive/botton white) Thing and see what happens!.
  6. flygoddess

    Okay, I had to try it. Gotta call it the Wasskully Wabbit. These things are tricky. I kept catching myself on the stinger hook.:rofl:
  7. IFSteve

    Hey those things look killer. I bet they would be deadly on bass, too.:cool:
  8. flygoddess

    Bruce just keeps bringing out this Monster in me:rofl: He is my Hero!!!!!:notworthy and Shelly my Herroin (no not the kind that makes you feeeeeelllll soooo gooood) I mean she ROCKS!
  9. TunaFvr

    That stinger is killer. I jabbed myself I don't know how many times:104167739 :104167739

    Good looking flies FG.:notworthy
  10. flygoddess

    Bruce, can you let me know when they get the PURPLE Loco Foam in? I got a new idea for a Purple Showgirl.....he,he,he,he,he
  11. TunaFvr

    You should be getting it in the mail any day now. It was sent on Thursday, so maybe monday or tuesday. You may have gotten the last piece, Marriotts told me that metz quit making that color.?.