New Book Halibut Fisherman's Bible

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Fred Archer, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Fred Archer

    Just about ready...

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  2. Keta

    I've been a bit busier than usual with the winter like weather but I skimmed through the pre release copy you sent and it looks like another good one, thanks again Fred.
  3. Jan from Humbol

    Sent you a PM Fred
  4. Fred Archer

    Thanks, Keta. A new pict with the text missing. It's now 185 pages, 165 picts, illustrations and rigging diagrams, all color. See below for the new pict.


    Had some trouble with your PM at first, but got it. Thank you.

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  5. makoexpress


    I would believe that the tactics in the book would also work for our fluke back east. Any thoughts on the subject?
  6. Fred Archer


    You are absolutely right. The fact of the matter is that the keeper fluke size limit has grown over the years to the point that it is exactly the same as our halibut out here. So, since both are voracious predators of various and similar fin bait, squid, etc., there is no doubt in my mind that the tactics in this book will up the bigger fluke count for anyone who uses them. That is why fluke are also discussed in the same breaths as halibut. People, East Coast fluke hunters in particular envision big, multi-hundred pound Pacific halibut that are caught up in Alaska when they hear the word "halibut", but the truth is that the majority of the halibut caught on the rest of the West Coast and especially the smaller California species that are caught are the size of keeper fluke, along with far less, much bigger fish.

    These techniques will hammer the hell out of those doormat fluke back there.

    Sounds like you enjoyed the book. I hope so.
  7. Keta

    Do many/any east coast fishermen target Greenland Halibut?
  8. 2380MIKE


    Sent you a PM. Mike
  9. pescadormejor

    Where can I get this book?
    Looks very intersting and I really have enjoyed some older articles that you wrote for WON.
  10. Fred Archer

    2380 and anyone else interested in this book, please PM me with your email address and I'll get the book info out to you right away.

    Jan and the others waiting for the book, it will go out tonight. It's a wrap and wound up 187 pages and 190 photos and rigging illustrations. This book is not a re-hash of the "same old, same old" on halibut fishing. It has a great number of the deepest, darkest secrets of true halibut pros in it. If you want to catch more halibut, and especially the bigger units, the how to is here.

    Keta. I believe that what you are calling "greenland halibut" are in fact Atlantic halibut. They exist well south of Greenland, with some huge ones caught on places like the Stellwagon Bank. No one specifically fishes for them for some reason. I have a buddy who recently tried a Spider for them and he said that he just couldn't keep the cod, pollack, haddock and congers off of it. He's a pinhooker and those fish are all worth money, so he was happy. That is, until he hooked "something huge" that he could barely get off the bottom, did massive "halibut head shakes" and eventually busted him off. This guy is a giant bluefin fisherman and really knows his way around big fish. Sounded like the real deal. He's trying again. I'll let you know how that works out.
  11. Flush Release

    Greenland Halibut=Turbot on the left Coast.
  12. Keta

    You got me courious and I went looking, some sources bunch them up with all larger northern halibut (including Pacific halibut) and some call all larger Atlantic ones "Atlantic Halibut". No mater what we call 'em they get big and they are tasty!

    Greenland halibut

    I think they range as far south as NJ but don't know for sure (a big problem when internet fishing, you have to have gear in the water to catch fish). If I had accepted the job offer with the State of Maine DOT, I'd know if they were targetable by now.
  13. Cornfed

    I thought we had a dogfish problem here on the westcoast until I went BFT fishing on Stellwagon this last October. The dogfish problem on the east coast is way more severe then what we deal with out here. This could be part of the reason that people don't fish for them.

    And when you have BFTs why would you want to fish for the "elusive" halibut. I would think that if they were on the bank with any regularity, that more people would catch them while cod fishing. Since they don't, maybe the guys are not putting in the effort to target them.

    Those guys are spoiled out there by the short runs to fishable water. We ran around 18/20 miles out to get to stellwagon. Out here, we may run 45 miles to find halibut, but the bigger ones are in close to shore feeding off of bigger "baits" like rockfish and decaying/spawning salmon coming out of/going into the rivers.
  14. makoexpress

    Spoiled out here with short runs (East)? You have got to be kidding me. We have to run 20 miles just to get into 20 fathoms to shark fish. Our yellowfin and bigeye are 100 mile runs. It is 68 miles from my inlet just to reach the tip of the Hudson Canyon and the 100 fathom curve. I know California runs are alot closer than that for sharks and tuna.
  15. Cornfed

    I'm talking specifically about Stellwagon. OF course it all depends on where you are and what you are targeting. If your jumpoff point is're going to have a shorter trip to the canyon. I WISH I could run 100 miles for YFTs and BEs.
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  16. Keta

    Halibut are good eating and people tend to look down at what's common in their area. Halibut fishing to me is just going to the store to pick up dinner, like deer hunting was when I lived in SE.
  17. 2380MIKE


    Sent a PM a few days ago with my email. Mike
  18. Mo

    I sent you a pm Fred.

    Halibut and Sturgeon are our Granders....
  19. Keta

    If Fred hasn't sent you a his catalogs yet let me know, I can send you the latest.

    Fall/early winter sucks on the farm and this winter is starting out as bad as they get (WAHAHAHHAHAHAHJ!!!! sheep farmer wining over for this post). I'm about I'm 1/3 of the way through the Butt Bible now and even with 20 years of butt fishing experience there is plenty of "new" things in it. I'm thinking, if the gay halibut (California) hit something the real ones (Pacific) should too.
  20. Cornfed

    Cmon Lee......California halibut can't swallow a pink salmon.