New AKC title for my Dog "CGC"

Discussion in 'Personal News' started by Johnlgarrison, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. Johnlgarrison

    Had a great time this morning I put a CGC title on my dog Rebel. CGC stands for canine good citizen, it's the first of a series of AKC obedience titles. My wife has always done the training with our dogs. I decided I wanted to give training a try, after all Rebel is my dog, at least that's what Lisa say's every time he breaks something around the house. I have been taking Rebel to class for a while and the instructor told me last week she thought he was ready to take the test. We took the test this morning and scored 100%, I am so proud of this dog. After Lisa puts a Conformation Champion we are going to pursue more obedience titles.

    I wanted to share my good news with you guys.

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  2. ConSeaMate

    Great job with your dog......