New Addition to the Burke Family

Discussion in 'Personal News' started by ShadBurke, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. ShadBurke

    Announcing the birth of our 2nd daughter, Kendyl Skye Burke.

    Weighing in at 8lb 9 oz and 18.5 inches, Kendyl split the uprights at 6:19pm on December 31, 2009 just in time for a tax deduction.

    Mommy and baby are doing well. Dad is a little jealous of all that hair.


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  2. Surfdoc

    Congrats... she's a keeper!
  3. ConSeaMate

    She's Beautiful.........start the rose bush outside the bedroom window now!....LOL.......
  4. J Graham

    Way to go Mom and Dad!
  5. Carl

  6. Marcus

    Congrats Shad!
  7. dbar

    Congrats to you and momma, that one fine looking little fisherwoman!!!
  8. JWALK

  9. Blackfish

    congrats to you and your wife.
  10. petey29

    congrats on the little one
  11. Hooops

    Very nice - I've got an extra infant lifejacketsyou can have when your ready to take her on the Cabo.
  12. Trayscool


    Mine is on the way
  13. Tunajäger

  14. Ali Admin

    Congrats Amigo!
  15. Le Tigre

  16. spike

    Congrats Shad!!!