Never done LR looking at 2 option

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by telcofish, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. telcofish

    RP- 8 day in june
    RR in June
  2. Mahi Geer

  3. SeaBasstard

  4. Fishybuzz

    Easy choice Red Rooster....
  5. divegod1

    I just signed up for the June RP8, so if that doesn't scare you its a Shimano trip and I use Accurates <g>
  6. harddrive

    Which has less Passengers?
  7. Outhouse

    If you have never done a LR trip, follow the advice I was given before my first one 3 years ago, pick a date that works for you and then find the boat. I think most boats offer good crews and quality fishing. Everyone has their favorite, sort of a Chevy vs. Ford thing. Call each boat and talk to the office staff and they will help you pick a trip that meets your goals.
  8. ironjoe

    cant go wrong with either but i would personally fish the rooster!
  9. MikeyLikesIt

    damn, another NooB on our trip..... :shake:

  10. divegod1

    And I'm gonna bring a SPINNER!!!!
  11. bucaroff

    I'd pick the RR3 only because I have fished that boat and i loved it. But, you better hurry and book your trip as they are selling out quickly. My 8 day RR3 trip in July sold out a month ago.
  12. tclongbeach

    RR, but i think the june heat is full....
  13. Lone Shark

  14. divegod1

    Good,so far with all these RR3 that means there will be more square footage on the RP. Who says we learned nothing from the enviros? misdirection thats the key!
  15. Fishybuzz

    Mike if he goes with his usual 36 the RR will seem like a desert
  16. divegod1

    You forget Dave, I have fished the BG90 with 35+ I can't afford those 20 people trips on the Intrepid.
  17. boomboom213

    Whats it like fishing 35+ on the big game 90 on 5 day trip?

    Im considering that boat based on price.

    Im assuming it can be a big clusterF with lines everywhere.
  18. Fishybuzz

    It can be Brutal....not my first second or third choice of boats for a number of reasons..JMO
  19. Fishybuzz

    Touche' LOL
  20. divegod1

    You get what you pay for, but you will catch fish if there are any to be found... and you will have fun, but it ain't the Hyatt.
    Get on the Western Outdoor News trip in Sept, 6.5 days 25 passengers 1200 bucks. best bang for buck on that boat.