Need Volvo Diesel Mechanic

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by Alfred, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Alfred

    Does anyone have choices on a Volvo diesel Mechanic in San Diego? Need to have engines cked out before I buy a boat. Al
  2. jstcrzyengh

    But he is in Santa Ana, but may come down. Volvo Certified. Handling my Volvo Diesel repower
  3. blownbudget

    Cogswell Marine in Chula Vista. Their phone number is (619) 424-7446 I have used them for many years. They saved me thousands when I purchased a used Blackman Billfisher years ago when I took it to them for pre-purchase inspection. They found many things wrong that I would never have known to look for. Good Luck!

    What kind of boat are you looking at?
  4. Alfred

    It is a 1984 Blackman 26 stretched to 30 ft. It has twin 6 cylinders, 210 HP, installed in 1994. Has 5000 hours, used commercialy but has had excellent maintenance . Al
  5. blownbudget

    I would call Steve Blackman. He should know about that boat. He is also a Volvo Dealer. (619) 266-8013
  6. FishWiz

    Call Steve, I agree.... who else would know more about a Blackman other then Steve, except Don before he passed on to Blackman heaven.
  7. ?? fisherman

    Kozwell Yes

    Cogswell No


    The unknown fisherman:p:
  8. BIGfatfish

    HUMM ..?? fisherman,, sorry to bag on you , but ,, I would say COGSWELL since KOZWELL is copying a Good name . why do you think he named is business Kozwell,,? so he could get people that were looking for COGSWELL Marine they have a long running reputable reputation. this Paul Kozinski (Kozwell) only just started his business
    Cogswell has been a Volvo Penta Dealer since 1984 , NO One in So CAL is Better then them ... :)
  9. Ali Admin

    You dig up a 4 year old post just to dump on an honest mechanic?

    Go away troll...