Need to scatter ashes in the LB area.

Discussion in 'BD Business Hookup's' started by Kareem Korn, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Kareem Korn

    I am looking for a BD'er who has a boat that can accomendate up to ten adults that would'nt mind running out about three miles so we can scatter my wife's grandmothers ashes. We're all lighthearted people and will maybe bring some wine and laughter for a couple hours. We need it on Sat 19th or Sun 20th. PM if your intrested or have information. Thanks.

  2. Troy

  3. Kareem Korn

    Thanks Troy. We were thinking something more informal. Just get out there dump em an come back in. Sounds kinda mean, but we already have been over the greiving. I would take my boat but it would get kinda crowded plus I gotta tow it down there.
  4. Kareem Korn

    Anyone else wanna let us put $400 wourth of gas in your tank for a two hour trip 3 miles out? Shit, you can even turn off the boat and drift. Would like it on Sunday 20th or Saturday evening. Can hold up to 10 adults.
  5. iclypso

    FYI I think CA requires a license to do burials at sea. Pacific Venture out of Oceanside does quite a few every year
  6. Kareem Korn

    Really, you can go three miles out and dump your shitter, but not ashes? LOL I did'nt know you needed a license. Not like I'm going to get one or anything, I just did'nt know that.
  7. Kareem Korn

    We got it covered, thanks to all those that replied.
  8. nartfocker

    Yep ....... sucks.

    Here in Kalif, ash-spreading (for other than one's kin) becomes a passenger-for-hire issue.
    Know a fellow who found this out the tough :shithappens: way ......

  9. 2na

    No shit...learn something new every day. I had just volunteered to
    take my co-worker out to Catalina to spread his dad's ashes. I guess
    we'd keep it low key..