Need Spectra/ Braid Input

Discussion in 'Fishing Tutorials by Members' started by tloucks, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. tloucks

    I have always used strictly mono for all of my fishing but keep hearing spectra/braid is the only way to go to feel the bites fishing in 150-300ft. of water. With rockfish season opening in a month and a half I am thinking about making the switch.I have a reel full of about 300 yds. of fresh mono.
    Am I making the right move?
    What do I need to buy?
    Should I have the tackle shop do it for me?
    Can I use some of my current mono as backing?
    Any recommendations or input is appreciated.

    Thank you,
  2. mcrae

    You will not regret it.
    Do not buy Power Pro.
    Have the tackle store spool it for you.
    Use the spectra as backing not mono. This way you can use the reels for everything.
  3. scrubber

    Go to a tackle shop, try Baja Fish Gear in Lomita, CA. Buy some needles for splicing and hollo spectra for making nail knots top shot leaders. It's really easy and simple to do. BAJA FISH GEAR in Lomita, CA. Talk to the guys on the phone, they can ship you a reel already set up, if you ship the empty reel to them. The spectra needs to be put on tight, with a line winding machine, not like mono.
  4. Charles_Sterlin

    McRae, why do you recomend staying away from Power Pro?
    I am about to take off the Jerry Brown Braid from my halibut reel and Lingcod sticks and respool with Power Pro ( i have it on several rods and have had good luck w/ it)

    Which do you recomend?
  5. scrubber

    Don't get the waxy or died colored kinds. They stick together.
  6. mcrae


    When I live line a bait it's a lot easier if the line is not waxed. I consider buying spectra an investment. It last for a very long time. Therefore, I try to get a product I can use for all kinds of fishing,not just rock cod. Buy the good stuff and buy it once. Buy lower quality and you will have to upgrade.
  7. saltwaterfish

    Power pro sucks its waxy the color comes off and the line sticks together at times.... Why are you going to get rid oud one of the two best spectras (jerry brown or izorlin) for powerpro?
  8. lasparky11

    Head over to Bob Sands in Van Nuys. Ditch the mono, I use Izor solid up to 50#. Sal has one of Cal's new spectra tensioning machines up & working.
  9. Charles_Sterlin

    The reason I am dumping jb is on my avet MX trying to trip a dowrigger I broke off the 30lb (that reel will only pull 15lb of drag) and my electric managed to to snap the 80. . Last time I had to break off the 80lb power pro I had to use a cleat and a towel...i know neither line was a raided so maybe two bad batches....
  10. garety

    My favorite trick for spooling spectra is

    get a phone book, open it up, put the across the page close it, and then set the phone book on the ground and put a 50 LB weight on it or a leg of furnature, and pointing the rod towards the phone book start cranking.

    With lighter spectra... I have 12 lb fire line crystal on a spinner that i probably use 40 times a year. It seem that every 6 months or so it needs to be re layed so i just let it out behind a boat and then reel it back in... though with that I just use a glove to apply the tension.
  11. Wildman

    I like the idea, but doesn't the friction and heat from the weighted paper damage the spectra?
  12. stonefly

    there is some learning curve such as avoiding tip wrap since it's limp. this is no more difficult than when you learned to keep line tension on your finger with a spinning rod and becomes automatic. you may as well learn one of the splices, i prefer reverse albright/bimini but gather some roller guides are small diameter.(not an issue to me) it's at least as strong as any other and a just plain sexy knot. :D but takes some practice and testing. there is a very good thread on here somewhere about the different ways to splice the two. you could certainly pull about half the mono off a reel & fill with braid to avoid the expense and slipping on the arbor issue but tape on the arbor works if no peg or hole through arbor. wrapping the line tight is very important to avoid line digging in but "overthumbing" if you will to form more line criss crossing helps there too. i use a short flouro leader and only heard of a concern with the knot casting through the guides after the fact ( again not an issue) what can be an issue is the knot under your thumb as the line unspools under your thumb, i lay the knot to one edge as i take the knot onto the spool so it's out of the way. i like power pro fine but like daiwa boat braid much more, both very "round" plus the daiwa is a color metered line so you could fish a specific depth if you wanted. iv'e heard but don't know that the hollow has a flat aspect to it which i didn't like on spiderwire years ago. if used with a graphite rod there is nothing to give and have broken one rod this way. you can now use an old sabre or other soft glass rod and have it be more sensitive than a graphite rod.(no 10% stretch of mono) you can use less weight and not be blown off the bottom in current as soon for it being narrower dia. there are some safety concerns, i wear gloves and keep a knife on my belt always, it can really cut you. work though it and you won't look back.