Need some help with Santa Barbara Beach Camping and fishing.

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by DORADO13, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. DORADO13

    Thinking of going camping and surf fishing at Refugio State Beach. Good spot or is Carpinteria State Beach or El Capitan State Beach better for fishing? Going for butts, perch, and what ever ells is there. Thank you in advance for all the info!!!!!!!!!!
  2. fish doctor

    nice kelp bed about 50yards off the beach best if you can float out to it on a raft or inflatible
    good dive spot and have seen a lot of lepoard sharks caught there.
  3. seagipsy

    I use to catch halibut from a canoe as a kid. We also started a few feeding frenzies with bags of chum from left over chovies off the charter boats in SB.

    Best from a boat, canoe, kayak, whatever. You can still catch halibut off shore, just not as easy. Try throwing Krocodiles and swim baits at dawn and dusk. I usually use a Krokodile to cover lots of ground fast. When I find them I slow down and use swim baits.

    Good Luck

    i've only camped at refugio so i can't speak for the other places but refugio's awesome! very nice campgrounds and beach. i didn't do too well fishing, just a couple rockfish off the point but as far as location, its one of my favorite places to camp
  5. socalkid


    I just got back from Carpinteria and the fishing was good. Alot of perch on Gulp camo sandworms.


  6. goletagoodland

    I live minutes from El Cap State Beach and would say that is your best bet. Refugio is good too. There are a ton of beaches out here that don't get fished often, you just gotta do some beach walking. If you have a kayak or small beach launchable, bring it. Gulp sandworms, live sandcrabs, small grubs and plastics are best for BSP. As for the butts, your better bet is El Cap.
  7. ichytuna

    Just finished talking w/ my local tackle store guru abt el cap. He said the incoming tide and just after is real key with those locations. esp. at el cap. he said to fish near the steps from the campground on carolina rig with nightcrawlers. Real good at high tide when the tide hits the section of rocks near the base of the cliffs. Forget low tide waste of time. Caught 15 perch in an hr.
    good luck and let us know how it went.