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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by PKplayer, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. PKplayer

    I ordered an Okuma Special Edition MK-30II SE as a lighter cow reel and having it spooled with 135# JB hollow with enough room left for 25 yd. loop to loop leader.

    Now comes the question of which rod to pair it up with. I am thinking I do not want a roller rod but I would like people’s opinions on what rod to get.
  2. nick17yz

  3. forefrazier

  4. Steve K

    Lighter than what? Two by Four, 770XXH or XXXH. I had a nicer (heavier) fish hanging in January on a 770XXH and the rod was bent pretty good. If you can get to a tackle shop, have a look at the new Rail Boss from Seeker
  5. titan05

    Ring guide 2x4 with a salty dawg foregrip would get you anywhere you need to go and back. I like they way that rod shuts off compared to a calstar 770 model but thats just me.

    Go pull on a few....they all have plenty of balls so it comes down to what feels good to ya or as my daddy used to say........ "pick one and dance with the gal that brung ya" ;)
  6. Fishybuzz

    if you are fishing 100#.... try a ringed Phenix 700 3xh ...

    if you are fishing 130#....either a ringed guide 2x4 or a SS6463xxxh.

    and a Rail Dawg fore grip if it is a rail rod they are just the best rail grip.

    You need to go pull on some and decide for yourself....
  7. offshore6

    First, you have to decide if you plan to fish the rail or from a harness. That will cut your choices in half. Being a harness guy, I would go with a 760H or 760XH.
  8. Bill W

    I will throw in my hat sir...

    I would like a Calstar Graphiter 770XXXH with PacBay Titanium Turbos and a roller tip top. The handle made with one 11" cold shrink on the aft grip between the reel seat and the gimbal metal. 2 wraps of cork tape on the fore grip with a 18" cold shrink on top of that. 5 strand turk's head on the top of the cold shrink for a winding check and a 5 strand turk's head on the gimbal/aft grip for the deckhands grip on the bow.

    Plain Jane solid color please...

    P. S. if the fore grip ever wears out, just replace...
  9. Steve K

    I remember talking rail rods with Brandon at the L.B. Fed a few years ago. He was of the opinion that both the 770XXH and XXXH rods were a little "spongy" at the tip. But, I'm about to begin wrapping two more of the XXXH blanks into rail rods for a friend. he plans on fishing them with his ATD30T reels. Twins.
  10. Soda Pop

    I have that reel. I have a 2x4 on it. Just picked up the new 30 SEa at the show a few weeks ago. Here is the rod I will match the reel up to.
    Candy apple Knucklehead - BD Outdoors Caught a 267 on the 30 SE last year with a 2x4 on it.
  11. screamingreel

    Hello Tom,

    The Calstar 7465H or XH are also very good options. For me, 7' is just too long for heavy rigs and big fish. Go pull on them and see what feels good to you!

    - Jeff
  12. JSR

    what i liked about the 2x4 in the harness was that everyone could scurry under me as the line was up and out
    granted you are getting more leverage with the shorter rods
    but, harness goes to rail for me in the end game alot of the time
  13. PKplayer

    I think I would like the option to use both the rail and my harness.

    Still wondering about the type of guides?