Need new windows and sliding doors

Discussion in 'BD Business Hookup's' started by JWALK, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. JWALK

    Does anyone have a connection with any window manufacturers? I need to replace about 7-8 windows along with some sliding/french doors.


    -Jeff Walker
  2. fishpye

    Try El Jefe Grande 3. His name is Joe. Listed as a Pella window rep. used to be a Milgard window rep.

    "The Menu"
  3. Tuna

    give my cousin Frank a call. He works for home depot, and installs windows, and sliders as a side gig. 714-420-4580.
  4. rojodiablo

    Gimme a call- I can make some time to help you out. Paul.
  5. Burnt

    Don't call Brother's Home Improvement!
  6. El Jefe Grande3

  7. Radar II

    I sell windows and doors for Builder's Window Supply, we sell Alum, Vinyl, Wood, etc. Office phone is 858-552-0107 ask for Donna
  8. Marcus

    Since we're on the topic of windows. I have some double paned windows that look to have leaked. They have condensation on the inside and are starting to cloud up because of this. Anything I can do to fix it or am I going to have to buy new windows?

    BTW, sorry for the threadjack.
  9. rojodiablo

    If you know who the manufacturer is, you can get the panes cleaned, and re-sealed. It can be done either way, but certain windows are tougher to get the glass panels out. Milguard, Pella, Marvin, Anderson all warranty for life. If you contact them, they will in many cases come out and replace the panels for you, many times for free.
  10. bajario

    The glass units have failed. No need for new windows just new glass.