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Discussion in 'Alaska & British Columbia Fishing Reports Forum' started by Sober, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. Sober

    Hey guys,
    I need a few suggestions here. I have fished AK a nunber of times but mostly along the Anchorage to Homer section with a few other locations mixed in. This year a few buddies and I want to do a combo Halibut/Salmon trip. Ocean only or ocean/river, both work. I am looking for some lodging suggestions that will give them the "Alaskan Experience". Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. js_lind

    Check out False Island Lodge. It's located outside of Sitka, about 1.5 hours by boat. Because of their location they have the advantage of being able to fish on the inside if the weather is rough. This area is not within range of the rest of the Sitka fleet. We went in June and had great fishing for halibut, salmon fishing, and rock fish. In addition we set crab and shrimp pots every day. Got lots of both. Good food, very nice boats and cool employees/owners. I highly recommend this lodge.
  3. Jason Admin

  4. Kodiakcombos Advertiser

    Come and see why anglers keep coming back to Old HArbor, visit my website and call my references.
  5. johnhawk

    Wow very nice post..!
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  8. abdiver7777

    Just my opinion......

    Anchorage to Homer is overrun with Charter operations and tourists. You can literally walk across the Kenai river without getting wet with so many boats. The Russian River near Soldatna is just as bad when the Sockeye are running. You literally have park in a huge lot, pay to take a ferry across the river and walk up to a half mile for the first open spot to cast. The river bank is elbow to elbow with fisherman. If that's the "Alaska Experience" you are looking for then enjoy..... There are other opportunities to fish off the beaten path but it will be a huge effort to access them and you better know exactly where you are fishing since F&G changes the regulations daily.

    I would highly suggest anyone of the charters on Kodiak Island or almost any other licensed Lodge/Charter operation North of Anchorage. The more isolated the better..... these are more expensive but if you want to get away from ghetto blasters and car horns that's my advice......

    I'm looking into a fishing live-aboard trip..... You can fish 24/7 if you want and you can charter an entire boat with 6 or 8 of your friends......

    Keep in mind all the recent restrictions to bag limits..... I believe you can still catch/keep 2 Halibut/day North of Homer. One per day anywhere South and must be less than 37".... It aint what it used to be.....

    Whatever you decide...... have fun.........
  9. okie man

    if you want something different look at north king lodge in b.c. they are a fly in floating lodge. you fish from 18' center console with or without a guide. you go were you want , when you want and their customer service is great. you'll only see boats from their lodge and the only take like 26 people per trip. you fly in and out on float planes . they cut and package your fish daily, freeze it and pack it in waxed boxes for the flight home. i've done the kenai peninsula thing and will not ever do that again. last frontier my ass!
  10. nbaisden

    I just got back from my second trip this fall to Jeff Peterson's Lodge(Kodiak Combos) in old harbor. My first trip i shot my first deer ever and the following day we did some Halibut and Lingcod fishing. The trip i just got back from, i shot a nice 8-pt buck and followed the trip up with Lingcod fishing again. I felt right at home having never hunted like that before and had a blast both times.

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  11. ken210

    If you want a remote Alaskan adventure book an overnight trip with crackerjack charters and stay at the jumping salmon lodge. Capt Andy kills some big fish, look at some of his past post (crackerjack). Or another option is Capt Steves charters out of Ninilcick. He has a lodge and does combo deals as well.
    just my .02 cents.
  12. Kodiakcombos Advertiser

    When clients hunt and fish here, they cant beleive they are the only ones there! Some even ask where the other boats are! cause the the fishing is so good. Theres got to be more boats!
  13. jmus

    Rocky Point Resort in Petersburg, Alaska is a top notch operation. Each group of anglers gets their own 17' skiff to fish as many hours a day as they want. You can charter a boat to take you out for the days you want. The food is excellent. With the recent changes in guided bag limits in Alaska, just make sure you understand what you are signing up for where ever you end up. I absolutely love fishing the Petersburg area and own a cabin nearby. PM me if you have any questions.

  14. walkerman

    If you can, check out the Fred Hall show. Many of the outfitters have a booth there. A face to face is a good thing.
  15. FishCraigAK

    I noticed you have viewed the website... Our location is off the beaten path and although we do have the halibut restriction, I still send my clients home with at least two 50 lbs fish boxes per person on three days of fishing. On a daily basis we tend to catch our limit of salmon (either kings, silvers or both). I know you can´t and shouldn't guarantee fish, but our area is very productive. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. (907) 254- 6404.