Need info for fishing Salton Sea

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by mrkrabs, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. mrkrabs

    Not sure this was the right area to go. Tues I'm going to be around Salton Sea, thinking of doing some catch and release on maybe some talpin. What do you use for bait, what size test and any good spots? Any info would be good. Thanks, mrkrabs
  2. umoa

    what is a talpin?
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  3. rojodiablo

    The river/ canal feeds into the Salton shithole are a good place to start. Nightcrawlers are good bait. Tilapia are some of the most agressive fish you will ever see, they attack a hook with reckless abandon. Scattering a couple handfuls of canned dog food is good chum, you'll catch them like flies on shit.
  4. Swarthy Dago

    maybe you're thinking of Tortuava. lol Salton Sea boy does that back some memories. My grandfather had some kind of skin disease on his feet. He walked in that water one time and it cured his skin.
  5. Deno

  6. o-show

    'bout 12 years ago me and 3 buddies decided to check out the salton sea...

    Just by coincidence I was in a minor car accident a couple days before the big adventure. The accident was minor but the impact caused damage to the Air conditioning. I didn't have time to wait a few more days for the repair shop so I picked the explorer up late in the afternoon and we headed out. We drove all night from AZ through the desert and pulled into some kind of state park on the shore just as the Park Ranger dude was raising the stars and stripes. I stopped next to him to say good morning. He turned around and we noticed he had about 50 flies crawling all over his face.

    We decided to fish farther down the shore line: rotten fish and flies were piled up everywhere, the shoreline had a glow in the darkish green scum on it and one would almost puke at the rotten egg and dead fish smell.

    We split around 9am when the thermometer hit 115 and our skin was crispy. No hits, no fish.

    Upon leaving we had found that the flies from that area of the sea took refuge inside the explorer. They stayed low, under the seats and dashboard. We drove back to AZ 85 miles an hour with open windows and flies crawling all over our feet and legs.

    I returned the explorer to the repair shop to get the ac fixed. I left the windows up. when I picked it up a few days later the ac guy was pissed. later I shop vac'ed out dead flies. the dead flies literaly filled a 32 oz thirstbuster cup.

    A few years later on the way to San Diego for a 1 1/2 day alby trip me and 2 other buddies made a detour to the Salton. I gave my fare skinned pals some "special" sunblock. I was laughing like a 13 year old girl as they smeared the 2 parts honey, 1 part sugar, and 1 part waterproof spf 50 sunblock on their pasty skin. I was pissing my pants with anticipation of seeing these two covered head to toe with flies. unfortunately we fished for about 3 hours and didn't see a single fly or a fish for that matter. joke was on me. the sticky sunblock rubbed off onto the seats of the explorer... I had to steam clean the interior.

    We killed the alby's that weekend and I'll never go back to the salton sea.
  7. TROB

    catching ducks around 'dem parts is more fun
  8. eddier68

    Big orangemouth corvina years ago, not anymore. Bummer!!!!!
  9. stairman

    the mystery of the dieing fish is solved!!!!!
  10. Foss

    Don't know about fishing Salton Sea but if you're in a boat, be careful if the wind comes up. Wind waves get steep there, can cause a capsize.