NEED HELP!Kayak fishing Humboldt, Ca & Driving w/ Kayak to Naples, Fl

Discussion in 'Kayak Fishing' started by Sea Cock, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Sea Cock

    Here's my dilemma, how best to get to Naples, Fl from Humboldt, Ca and making "a few stops" with the kayak. I am versed enough that i feel comfortable fishing wherever just as long as i can get some idea on the method, lures, and what the current conditions may be.

    I'd really appreciate any wisdom of fishing between the two big puddles (Atlantic and Pacific); preferably going through nevada utah colorado wyoming kansas oklahoma texas and then head east wherever recomended....MY QUESTION FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW STRIPER, WIPER/SWIPER, WHITE BASS, WALLEYE lakes or reservoirs that are in any of those states I listed give me whatever you recommenced. From Texas heading towards Naples; again Id love to troll up something to remember, but not spend hours on a gigantic reservoir. I am going to be almost only limited to trolling on my kayak and any recommendations on setups like flat-lines or divers please let me know. If you could help me make this a trip of a lifetime and point me towards some of the more productive; preferably smaller "consistent" lakes for trolling (heading out next week) and just enjoying the scenery. For me, this trip and opportunity is truly a gift I dont want to waste so help a young man out and thanks again for taking the time to read all this and I WILL document this whole trip. SPECIALLY if people throw me a bone or two:jig:
  2. divegod1

    Along the coast of Texas is a long shelterd area from Port Aransas to almost Galveston. Got to the website and they can lead you further. Have fun.
  3. Sea Cock

    I was thinnking hedading South through Dallas then following the coast (as much as I can to do some tidal water fishing for sea trout, jacks, (damn saltwater catfish), and who knows maybe I could beat drum or two.... But stripers and their like are one of my main target species (my blue marlin lol). Just wanna know any lakes worth stopping at along the way that are known for their line sides (white bass, striped, hybrids, also any of the oddities we dont get out on the West Coast...Id be stoked on any fishing to be honest along the way out South, thanks for the link too!!
  4. johnnylite

    Sounds simple but maybe just get out a map of the U.S. and try to find a route that gets you close to as much water as possible. The route through Texas seems like a good idea as there are hundreds of lakes around DFW and the area. All free launch and usually shallow and good fishing. I would also swing down to the 10 when you get there and then lower to hug the Gulf. Just hundreds of miles of salt and backbay water. Last advice is ask when you get there Texans and the people down south are as advertized pretty friendly. Maybe share some catch and make a few friends. Last but not least there are hundreds of campgrounds also. Check out a camping website and see if you can plan a few stops so you can relax maybe catch a shower and a good nights sleep next to the water. Sounds like fun and try to set up a thread to let us know it goes.
  5. Sea Cock

    Thank you kindly, I am definitely considering going through the DFW area and stopping wherever it's happening at...Hoping for good weather and a dog friendly hotel for a couple of hours in the early AM....Downside to kayaking I guess.
    Anyways, anyone have any stops between TX (hugging the Gulf as best as I can) and basically the Everglades that they have personally fished? I love finding my own specially stops but I also want to make the best of the limited time and $ I have these days. I appreciate any advice and will let you all know how it goes. I have to make a awkward stop up in Humboldt for college and might have to see how the rivers are running and keep you all posted on the fishing from the 6 Rivers down to the Everglades. Good luck out there and hope to see you on the water~
  6. paulcody

    When and where are you going to be in Oklahoma?
  7. Firebird

    I don't have any input for you but.........Go Lumberjacks!
    Is Dr. Roloffs still teaching fish biology at HSU? Best class ever.