NEED HELP Are the yellowtail biting?

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Inshore Trip Planning' started by 30lbbg2299, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. 30lbbg2299

    I was thinking about going on a a 1/2 day trip off the new seaforth for chasing yellowtail. Are they bitting i heard in the la jolla kelp beds what should i use? live bait or jigs(irons) planning my trip for next weekend after 4/22/12 weekend
  2. old salt

    if i were going Id go 3/4 day with booger or ernie on the san diego or chubasco II,better make a have been on surface and yo yo iron
  3. Simon Bon Bowery

    I hear the live bait is mongo...........
  4. Danny

    The 1/2 days are fishing rockfish. If you want to chase the Yellows you have to get on a 3/4 day
  5. gecsr1

  6. BajaConcept

    Butterfly jig work well