Need f'ing computer help!

Discussion in 'Household Electronics Tech Talk' started by el Toro, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. el Toro

    Damn I wish these pieces of shit had never been invented! I need a nerd to help me bad.

    I have a Dell laptop that is only about 16 months old. I am having a blank black screen problem. It's like the thing goes into sleep mode and I can't bring it back. I have to shut it down manually via the button several times and open and close the screen a bunch of times and generally curse and yell at it before it comes back on after 10 minutes of jacking with it. It's like the screen isn't getting power or something. Just black. I can hear the computer running and it sounds like it is working, just no screen. Then after one of many shut downs, it magically turns on and works like nothing was ever wrong.

    I have tried the "black screen of death" remedy and run all my virus scans. All clear and it still does it.

    Please help before Mr. Dell gets introduced to Messrs. Smith and Wesson in the back yard.
  2. DoubletroubleII

    It does sound like your monitor........try reloading the monitor software. But then again I an not a computer nerd.
  3. Aggro

    Does it actually go into stand by or does it do it while you are using it?
    Are you using a docking station with a power supply?
  4. el Toro

    No it only happens after going into sleep mode and sleeping for a long time. If it goes to sleep for just a minute, it will come back normally, but not when left overnight. It's a laptop so it's not like it has separate monitor connections. Or monitor software.

    It happens while either plugged in or on the battery, no matter.
  5. BluePabst

    when was the last time u updated your OS? most of the time this is because you don't have the latest windows service pack installed. also, disable sleep mode if nothing else works.
  6. el Toro

    How do I disable sleep mode?
  7. Lou Kohn

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Mssrs. Smith and Wesson!
  8. BluePabst

  9. Cory Admin

    what OS do you have?

    I have had that problem every once in a while with an HP. It wouldn't come back from going into a hibernation/sleep no matter how many reboots I did.

    When it happens take the battey out for about a minute and the put it back in and start it up. Should be back to normal after that.
  10. DoubletroubleII

    I hate sleep mode. I have not been able to find a way to bypass it. In my work I take a lot of photos of existing structures and site photos while designing a project. I leave the photo up so I can look at what is existing, then all of a sudden my computer goes into sleep mode and turns black..........get up press the space bar and go back to work...try that 100 times a day!
  11. reel man

    Go to Control Panel
    Power options
    Click on Hybernate
    Make sure sleep mode is not checked
  12. Bigpondonly

    Register here....
    Ask your question of these guys. Not trying to be a dick, but guys on this site are as knowledgeable and helpful about anything "tekkie" as guys on BD are about fishin'.
    Good luck!!!
  13. REK

    Click the start button. Type in hibernate where it says Search programs and files. Options pop up. Click Change when the computer sleeps. Or whatever else you want/need to do.
  14. mr tibbs

    when it go's to sleep just press the power button to bring it out of standby
  15. el Toro

    Yeah, that used to work. Now just black screen.
  16. el Toro

    Need more help. I disabled sleep mode and it still does it. Black screen every time I try to power on after the computer has sat for awhile with the screen closed. The only thing that seems to help is taking the battery out. But that is a PITA to have to do everytime I power on.

    Any other ideas?
  17. gecsr1

    Try plugging an external monitor into it . most lap tops have provision for doing this. then see if the external monitor reacts the same way...may determine the root of your problem. if the monitor does goes to sleep and wakes up it a internal monitor problem, if it does the same thing it a software or internal computer problem.

    Good luck.
  18. el Toro

    Good idea, just don't have another monitor.
  19. brantc

    Now entering sleep mode

  20. Aggro

    Overwrite bios and reload all drivers if you have the install discs. Heck I would just do a complete re-install.