need ambassadeur 5500 c3 part

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by skrilla, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. skrilla

    Anyone know where you can buy parts for an Ambassadeur 5500 C3? Preferrably looking for a shop in San Diego or a reputable online place. I need the part circled in red, its a white, plastic casting brake. Also need a "live bait" handle that will fit. Thanks in advance.

  2. kimorb

    Mike's reel repair online. Fixed me up with parts for a 6500c
  3. tail_chaser

    if it's the casting brake, just leave them off, you will cast further. I probly have a few floating around. The tackle shop in Lakeside, can't remember the name, carries abu parts
  4. alantani

    got a couple extra brakes. don't know about the handle. pm me your address. but tail chaser is right. just pull them off and throw them away. i doubt that you'll notice the difference. alan
  5. Passersby

    If there was no difference, they wouldn't have put them there in the first place. And using just one works fine.
  6. OBfishguy

    squidco, but you dont need the brakes once you figure out how to use your thumb on the side of the spool. The Idea is that centrifical force slows the spool to prevent backlashes. as far as the handle what exactly do you meen by "live bait handle" on the little reels you should not need more leverage with light line IMO, a long time ago I put a gator grip on my ambassador it was only okay.
  7. skrilla

    Thanks for the tips fellas!

    I was backlashing like there was no tomorrow having no brakes. Of course it was windy as hell that day. But during those periods when the wind went down I was casting about the same distance as I would with the brakes. Im not real concerned about distance anyway as long as Im "in the zone".

    As for a live bait handle, I just wanted to try it out so I can compare it to the stock one and see what Im more comfortable with. Just wanted to know if there were any available that would "bolt on" without having to bore out the center.