Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by fyermn, May 27, 2012.

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  1. fyermn

    I have been fishing the Qualifier 105 for 15 years. It now looks as if I have to find another boat. I have been looking( reading ) about the Red Rooster, the Excel, and the American Angler, as well as the Independence and Intrepid.

    Since I am in southern Utah, and unable to go visit the boats, I am looking to the anglers on this board to give me their input (good or Bad) on what are the good and bad points of the above mentioned boats.

    I usually go on Fall 10 day trips and like to catch a variety of fish (still looking to land my first Wahoo). I am even thinking about doing a 15 day trip, If I can convince my wife to let me spend the $$$$.

    Please give me your comments and thoughts on the different boats.
  2. pura vida

    Everyone should have positive input about the boats you've mentioned; they are all great boats and crews. I've fished the Indy, American Angler, and the Red Rooster, and their schedule is usually what helps me make a decision on the boat I'm going on.

    Hope to be on the Redrooster in January, and its because the dates work well for me.
  3. Statistico

    To check out the American Angler, look at the recent thread (8 pages long) in the long range section to get an idea. The title is "American Angler Review." The boats you mention are great operations. You can't go to far wrong on any of them.

  4. lasparky11

    All the above boats are great. Don't forget the Royal Star, they have a Shimano 10 day leaving 10/31.
  5. Soda Pop

    Red Rooster, the Excel, and the American Angler, as well as the Independence and Intrepid.

    I have been on all these boats. Just got back from a 15 day on the Excel. The boat caught 255 wahoo and lots of nice grade tuna. I will be fishing the red rooster in June and July the Intrepid and back on the Intrepid for a 14 day in Jan. Last year I fished the Angler in Dec. and liked the crew and caught many fish. The boat I like the most is the Intrepid because its the new boat in the fleet and had many great trips without any complants. The Intrepid rooster,Angler and the excel I will fish again. When looking at price the Intrepid has no ful surcharge,permits and they have a soada machine.
  6. rodblder

    I've fished alot of the lr boats and now fish only the Excel and Intrepid. I can't imagine you'd want to move to a boat smaller than the 105.....unless you like to bounce around in rough wx!!!I'm sure you'll get a million opinions on this board.........good luck sorting them out....anyquestions about the ones I ride, pm me
  7. harddrive

    Try the Indy. To me it's the updated version of the 105 for fishing. Wide and low to the water. The state rooms on the Indy overall is bigger then then Intrepid.
  8. CMY SIX

    Polaris Supreme, first class and they really spruced her up this year! she's going to look like a new boat! no more then 24 load and they have alot of 20's
  9. Lou Kohn

    Cannot go wrong with the Intrepid. All the Long Range Fleet Boats are top notch operations, but I like the way the Intrepid has 1 price no catches. Captain, crew and cook are top of the line, but the other boats have people who swear by their crews as well. Put all the boats names in a hat and draw one out. You'll have a great time.
  10. reellady

    Hi Dan, this is depressing........sent a message to Steve, charter master for our Baja Fishgear trip 10/30 on the Q. Have not heard back from him. After 15 years myself on the Q, I just got back from a great trip on the Excel.........really nice boat, rides similar to the Q, just a little more side rocking than we had on the Q, but coming uphill from Hurricane was really a very nice ride......checked with the office and the boat is full for our time still searching..........and really don't want to go with a smaller boat than the Q, the excel is 124'.....nice fishing platform, but I am way too short to use their rocket launchers for my I had a lot of running down the side of the boat for my rods, but you are over 6 feet so you won't have a problem at all, the rooms are a little larger, not as many snacks,, no 10:00 brunch but free sodas, and no tv in the rooms, they have wifi but it is slow but it does work.....let me know pm if you find a ride.........we Qer's are all seaching for the fall ride.
  11. Aleguzzler

    No one has mentioned the Royal Polaris. Any thoughts on that boat?
  12. jsl

    Rode it last year on an 8 day and it was great!! Full load of 35 if I remember correctly but no one complained about it being too crowded as the boat is big enough to accommodate the load. We had WO yt fishing and nice grade tuna to 80lbs but the crew managed it all with ease so the load did not matter.

    The food wasn't anything to write home about but it was good enough and the boat was big, comfortable and spacious. Finally, fishing alongside a living legend in the skipper, Frank Lopreste was the best part of it.

  13. writebrian

    What happened to The Q if I may ask?
  14. Fishybuzz

    I been on most of them and another vote for the Intrepid...always limited load never more than 25... No add on prices...and is the best riding boat in the fleet.......full size showers with instant hot water..... Huge bait capacity....and a crew and skipper that will really hunt hard for of the line in every way.
  15. falconer

    I haven't been on the Intrepid, but as the newest boat in the fleet, it's bound to be nice. However, I have spent a little time on the Polaris Supreme over the last few Novembers, and I'm sure Tommy Rothery and his crew are as fishy as it gets. I go to fish, and fish you will on the PS!
  16. Aleguzzler

    Thanks Scott. I'm going 10 days in Oct & have not been on the boat before. I appreciate your thoughts.
  17. 2amguns

    Sorry to hear you are having to search out another vessel after 15 years.

    I have fished the Searcher ( NEVER again ) The Royal Star, Shogun and the Intrepid. Having made my living at sea on Fishing vessels, Crew Boats and then 220ft Ocean Going Tugs, I'll NEVER, EVER leave the Intrepid.

    The ride is unsurpassed in any conditions. Period. The ride is as smooth as one can get on a long range vessel. The Marine Architects nailed this one out of the Ball park with her Hull design. The stabilizers make for the utmost in comfort even in a swell.

    No more riding the round, trawler hulled vessels that will ROLL all over in a swell, pitching the passenger's all over like pin balls.
    The crews on the Royal Star and the Shogun were NOTHING SHORT OF AWESOME! I have high praise for them all.

    Now for the brutal truth. I work my ass off for my income and I want to be riding in every creature comfort known to Man. I want good A/C, I want to be able to sit down in the salon at anytime, during the day, plug in my laptop and watch a movie without having to use the ONLY plug in the salon. I like to be able to face ANY of the 3 Large flat panels t.v's in comfort. I like the Coffee bar with espresso machine, the soda fountain, the wide surround sound system, two ( 2 ) ice machines, the room to roam in the salon when we are all working on our tackle and or eating all at one sitting, and the room for all onboard to sit during the seminars.

    Now, for the food. I can only say this.." OOOHHHH MYYYY GAAAWWWDDD " I have eaten some of the finest food ever on the Royal Star . But, the Intrepid is unbeatable in my own, little and humble opinion. They have no equal on the Intrepid.

    The crew? I can only say this from 13 years of Long Ranging. I have NEVER been treated more like a family member by EVERY crewman onboard any vessel, like I have with the Intrepid crew. To me, they are my family. Period. I walked onto the Intrepid for the first time in 2009, and it was Capt. Kevin who was running the trip. I had not seen him since our trip together on the Shogun in 2003 and he greeted me BY name and a Hug. He even remembered my brute of a Tuna that I caught on a surface popper after 3 days of trying, that wrapped around the anchor 28 times. Kevin got it untangled after 45 minutes and I landed that Tuna. 88 pounds on 40 pound gear.

    Kevin, Dave, Kona, Chad, Wahoodad, Deron, Scott, Ryan, Paul and Patrick. My best analogy for these Men is that they are much like a Rolex watch. A fine mechanism that never misses a beat. Is always synchronized. They are ALWAYS in time with each other. They run flawlessly. Unequaled as a unit.

    These Men put in as much as 18 hours a day with a smile on their faces. Then, take a brief nap, get up and do it all over again when the bite is going off. They can and do take absolute rookies who have never fished Long Range before, and make true fisherman out of them.

    There are many, many fine vessels out there with excellent crews. This is just my little opinion. Biased as it may be, it is the truth.

    I hope you find another vessel to call home. There are many who have left their respective favorite Boats and made the switch to the Intrepid. I wish you the best and good fishing.:hali_olutta:
  18. DV4701

    I have had 6 trips on the the Royal Polaris, all 15+ days, no complaints. Twice to Clipperton, 23 days, going back in 2014 if they go. 6 trips on the Shogun with Norm and Bruce. Love the boat, nice platform. New crew, will try the April 20th Acurrate 15 day in 2013.
  19. Scold

    Whats hotter: a blonde, brunette or a redhead? That is the same thing as asking what is the best LR boat. What Ive always told people who are trying to decide which boat to go on is to find a boat that has a trip that fits your schedule and GO! All of the boats are good, but after you fish a few of em youll find one that has a crew that matches your personality. For me, that is the royal star. Im really just starting out life-wise (getting married, finishing school, etc) so i do not have a ton of disposable income. Because of this, when i go on a LR trip, i sleep as little as 3 or 4 hours a day. Im not there for creature comforts, im there to fish my ass off. The RS crew is very like-minded and it meshes well with me.

    All of the boats are good, just try a few of em and youll fall in love with one.
  20. NachoOne

    So, what happens to those who already paid for their trips? Will the Q105 return the funds to the customers.