Need a hookup for combing pads for a 24' skipjack

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by royalewitcheez, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. royalewitcheez

    There was an older guy in Gardena I used to get it from. New owners are kinda assholes. Thanks
  2. piperca


    He used to work for Skipjack when Cole had it. I used him to do all my interior work, cushions and bolsters, he does excellent work ... and his prices are very reasonable! He's still got all the templates from when he worked there. I'm going to have him do pads for my boat, when I get the funds.
  3. captamb1

    Jay just make them your self it is not hard. JD on the Break Away may have some left over material that he got from me when I made mine.

    AMBUSHER 005.jpg
  4. barndoor

    where did you get the plastic piece that holds the pad to the boat?
  5. captamb1

    I think it was MGM plastics in San Marcos, where are you located?
  6. barndoor

    Orange County.

    Is this the place?

    Anyone know of anyone closer or with an online ordering option?
  7. Papa "J"

    That is my wife's familys to Lynn (mother in law) they should hopefully hook you up.
  8. piperca

    Piedmont Plastics in La Mirada

    17000 Valley View Avenue
    La Mirada, California 90638
    Toll Free: 800-400-7342
    Phone: 562-404-4014
  9. reef

    who's money are you going to use to fund this one?
  10. Az.monkey

    :eyepoppin Oh Snap !
  11. speedgoat

    Sounds like somebody's pretty pissed about something.
  12. KC Kevin

    If you need plastic fabrication in OC, contact Kevin at KP Plastics in Costa Mesa. He is the MAN up our way. 949 646-8960

    And he's a fisherman so he knows boats.
  13. Az.monkey

    Once again digging up a post from months ago :shake: