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Discussion in 'BD Business Hookup's' started by Marcus, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. Marcus

    We are being over run by brown widows. Had a couple last summer and they weren't a big deal. I've been killing 20-30 each weekend and keep finding more. I found two in the house today and this is out of hand. I know they aren't as aggressive as black widows but with a 1 y/o and 4 y/o I need to get this problem taken care of.

    Anyone have a recommendation for an exterminator in North County?

  2. Marcus

  3. Sluester

    I have been at war with both this year. Dam things are in everything.
  4. Smudge

    I found a HUGE one in my grill cover the other day. I hope I got her before she laid her eggs... Didn't see an egg sack anywhere....
  5. yakergreg

    They're bad this year. I go outside a couple hours after dark when they come out and are in their webs, spot light them with a flashlight, and give them the spider spray. Works for outside.
  6. Gil Marlin

    Call Billy...

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  7. Marcus

    I've been finding egg sacks everywhere.

    I've been doing the night thing also but I'm starting to find them inside the house more and more. My daughter's tonka truck in the backyard had 6 of them in various nooks and crannies on it. Found a big one in the shower this morning when I got in. Almost woke up the whole house screaming like a little girl.... :D