Neah Bay spearfishing report....

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Jaksonbrown, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Jaksonbrown

    Dont know if any of you guys would even be interested in spearfishing reports or not, but fishing was good last weekend! 7 of us limited out on Ling and Seabass two days in a row!

    Here is a short video if anyone is interested.
  2. matcle76

    nice video. Looked you you guys had a good weekend
  3. halibut herb

    Pretty cool man! Visibility is better than anything I have ever seen down here! How are the currents up there? Doesn't look like you guys are struggling very hard to stay in one place...
  4. tuna.

    Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.
  5. BugeaterInWa

    Thanks for sharing the video. I think I would really enjoy the hell out of that but its another expensive hobby and I can't afford too many more $$$ hobbies. Looked pretty shallow maybe 15' - 20'?
  6. Freddy_V

    Sweet! That looks like a ton of fun Cory... it's definitely another world down there.

    See you on the 16th!
  7. Siv

    Very cool..thought I might see some of my old lead heads hung on the rocks. Really clear water.
  8. Master Chief

    What is the limit when spear fishing? Do you have to carry your own fish that you shoot, or can you carry other people in the groups fish? Looks like fun, just not sure I would want to spend money on yet another hobby.
  9. nwcoug

    Cool video! Gotta try that some day.
  10. Fish_kid

    That is wicked!
  11. 9/0NASTY

    Nice video can't wait for them to open on the inside for spear fishing!
  12. Easytosee

    Cool video thats something I've always wanted to do. Interesting looks like you guys have pretty liberal limits compared to us
  13. Swede

    Great vis, that really makes it fun and relaxing
  14. DanBennett

    Seems like cheating to me. Even though it looks like a lot of fun.
  15. lingcod todd

    Great video
    I was up there this weekend also, we must have just missed you guys at the dock.
    I was shocked how clear the water was!
  16. outtadablu

    Very cool video, thanks for sharing.
  17. Barracuda1

    You guys made that look too easy. Thanks for sharing
  18. Chisow

    Awesome Video!!!
    I am an avid diver as well and really want to dive Neah Bay area but unsure heard tides and currents are real bad up there. But you guys looked like you were having no issues and the kelp was stanging up right and not horizontal. I have logged 42 Dives now in the sound and currents are bad at times. That is some awesome clarity and far from all green like I am used to.

    Just a few questions if you would be so kind as to answer. You can send them to PM if you want.
    What depth were you guys at?
    What camera are you using? (that was real clear and sound came through well)
    Do you guys also spear Halibut? (When in season that is)
    Interested in showing a couple guys safe areas to dive up there?

    Thanks and would love to see any other dive videos you have of that area.
  19. Odin7

    Looks like a good time. Thanks.
  20. Sammy Hooker

    totally bitchin!!