Neah bay 3 day report

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Fish Slapper, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Fish Slapper

    First a huge THANK YOU to Anglers Marine in Spanaway for getting my engine fixed so quickly!

    Arrived on Wednesday with hopes the forecast was way off, left at daylight Thursday morning with hopes of getting out and back before it got to bad. I decided to turn around only 4 miles from the corner, just got to rough to be any fun fishing and headed back to the center of the closure area. I finally found some fish and we managed 4 halis and a few lings before I pulled the plug and headed back to port.

    Friday was really nasty and I wanted to head off shore for lings but I quickly turned south to Umatilla reef where we managed to put 60 sea bass and 12 lings on board.

    Saturday was a DREAM...ran out at 30 kts (minding my fuel burn)to the corner, had to wok a little for our halibut but they were a very nice grade of fish. Headed on to the ling hole and filled our ling limit in about 20 minutes and then decided to head back to Umatilla for some more bass. We caught a few bass but I just could not find them but on the other hand we could not get away from the lings (lots of legal ones)...I honestly do not know how many we caught down there but it had to be atleast 30 or more. headed to the dock on a great ocean and decided to open Pacific Addiction up on the way in from Tatoosh...45 kts was a real nice ride!

    Thanks to all who fished with me during the halibut season!
  2. Plus1

    Great pics, slapper dong.
  3. BrickShouse

    How do I turn pictures on....I don't see any??!! :rofl:
  4. Fish Slapper

    I personally did not take any ...I rarely do.
  5. mdw

    Thanks again Mark for another great weekend. Maybe Jack will share some of the photos he took.

  6. Waterdog~

    That one in the third pic is a monster..............Sounds like you turned it around good job
  7. billjr64

    WOW, that pic of you twisting Jack`s nipple ring is making me nervous, you really shouldn`t post that shit on the internet. Bill
  8. Tower Todd

    Your boat looks awesome and stands out in a crowd. It was good to see you guys out there with the trouble you had just before. It's cool they got you going so fast.

  9. Hawaiian Style

    What was wrong with the engine? Oh yeah nice pics
  10. silver slayer

    glad you guys could get back on the water so soon. hopefully see ya up there next week.
  11. fishheadedd

    way to go on the fish !!