Navigation light (red/green) question

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by RobertKnight, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. RobertKnight

    Im thinking about doing something a little different on my boat. I have a hardtop on my 20' skippy and I was wondering if it would be coast guard legal to use LED strip lighting to wrap around the top, with the red and green in the corners, and white around the rest of the top, as one big loop of light. Ive got the parts, I just want to know if it would pass muster, or if anyone knows who I could ask to be sure.
  2. Bank Robber

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  3. Bada Bing

    Agreed, it's all about angle and distance of illumination. Nevertheless, you might not want to get too freeky, too odd is just a reason for someone who cares (like the Coase Guard) to question it. Then (right or wrong) you may have to defend something that otherwise has never looked "freeky"...if you can pick-up what I'm layin' down :D
  4. sickcat

    Not sayin you can't do it but it won't be legal. If your ever have an accident it likely will add to your responsibilty in causing the accident.
  5. cap_lr

    That's a negative for sure unless the strip lights are specifically made for navigation purposes, which they aren't. Cool idea though!

    There is nothing more critical to night time safety than properly working running lights with the correct specs.
  6. Saluki

    Only if you also put 24" Spinners on the trailer wheels.
  7. Humble Pie

    Fuzzy dice too
  8. Humble Pie

  9. dukhuntr

    Keep in mind the potential for the white light to cover the ability to see the red / green.
  10. slief

    I think this is what you are after.. This is a regulator 26FS that was listed on THT. When I saw the hard top, I thought of this thread. You might give regulator a call to see if they can supply the lights or provide more info. This looks really clean in my opinion!