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Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Jason, Apr 6, 2006.

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    well they got some hotties in there...if you are looking for single people
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  5. Dizzole

    Is he trying to sell that stuff ?:confused:
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  8. Jason Admin

    Where else is BD linked?
  9. Saluki

    Well............................ It's true............ "We're taking over the world!!!" :D
    Scroll down to "Tuna Popping Video" Credits that's it's lifted from BD
    Scroll down.............. you'll see it.
    Scroll down to "SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO:"
    For the previous week, Kelly Catian of K&M Offshore Sportfishing reported on 2 outings with a group of boats from the website to Isla San Martin and the 6 and 15 spots, for a scratch bite on 2 yellowtail plus some lingcod and bonito. Fishing on his boat with Brad and Chad Barron, and 2 other anglers, Catian said, "We ran over to the 15 and were greeted by surface boils! The yellows were moving fast, popping up and smashing through bait schools as we would throttle down and let fly the iron. We ended up with only 2 of the forkies and some laguna tuna, or bonito...On day 2, we worked a ling hole we found and got some fatties on live bait and jigs...It was a lot of fun and they are all a great bunch of guys and very capable fishermen." He didn't see Stan LOL
    Funniest one yet, OH Fuck,,,, he ripps Danny and says BD makes him Cringe!!! LOL
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  12. Jason Admin

    SEO God eh? I need to talk to you...
  13. sdangler


    It's pretty easy to kill it and/or figure out who is doing it...

  14. Jason Admin

    I'm not worried about linking of photo's. There is a bug on the photo's for a reason ;).
  15. jstcrzyengh

    Yeah watermarking not only helps in branding online, but, and I havent messed with too much "gallery" tricks, but if you can get a ALT Image tag with a hyperlink (href tag) built into them, and I am sure it wouldnt be too hard to do, it would work as a back link with the ALT tag working as your anchor text.

    To translate the above... It would be Good mmmmkuy

    and as far as SEO... Well, I don't like to brag or anything, but sometimes you just have to :rofl: Hit me up if you need any help with anything.
  16. Jason Admin

    Last person that hit me up for SEO wanted to charge $900/mo
  17. jstcrzyengh

    Did they have an upfront and $900 or just $900 and what were they SEOing? Depending on what they were doing it could be a total rip off or a total deal. I know some companies that charge upwards of $85k PLUS a monthly to rank a website, but one of these said companies also got banned at Google for their "antics" (though they were allowed back in after they cleaned up their act). Always ask the company "what hat they wear" and if they dont know what your talking about MOVE ON! and if they laugh and say "grey" MOVE ON, but if they say "white hat all the way" than they deserve a second look.