Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by masta, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. masta

    Thread no longer exsist
  2. Calico

    Nice sleeve you are working on Damn makes me want to get more too. Can't wait to see the finished work.
  3. BiggestT

    Those look like happy dorado LOL
  4. http404

    Tattoos are cool.
  5. DOS MAS

    That looks awsome. I live just up the street from About Face. I would love a sick dorado.
  6. albster

    fuckin sweet
  7. Double Z

    Good stuff. I'm heading down Sunday to meet with another artist for mine. I can't wait to see the completed pix.
  8. Supa711

    Dude, that is way fuckin sick. Care to post some contact info for the artist?
  9. masta

    Thnx, I cant wait till its done either. Ya micah's a really good clean artist.

    (760) 757-6628 ASK FOR MICAH
  10. erod32

    that shit looks f....n bad ass!!!!!
  11. Jason Admin

    I love the school of feeding bonito.
  12. ideyboy

    yeah not sure about the dorado kinda looks a bit cartoonish but the rest looks cool , btw its only the dorados eyes
  13. Double Z

    Sorry Jason but you must have cut and pasted from another board.

    I met with my artist today and saw some before and after stuff. It's all about the shading and colors.

    You have the other sitting yet?? My appointment is Tuesday. Left the deposit today.
  14. masta

    Na not yet. Unfourtunetly I need to find a job. Seasons coming to an end. Unless the albies want to bite again know that there at and around the butterfly again.
  15. masta

    Maybe dorado aren't mad and pissed off before you hook um:It__s_Outta_Here:. Just f..kin around wit ya,Its cool I know what you mean. I still like it alot though. The color is gonna bring alot more expressions out of the fish.
  16. ideyboy

    oh yeah one other thing , did i see nips? lol,
    i am sure the dorado will look the dogs bollocks with colour
  17. Luhr'd Away

  18. Ready4TheYellow

    Nice !! Cant wait to see the finished product..
  19. fishnfu

    Fuckin Sweet bro!!!
  20. Surfdoc

    Dude thats some serious ink time!

    Looking forward to the final product.