My kids boyfriend hit the big time

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by M/V Santa Rosa, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

  2. One_Leg

    Tommy, that is pretty darned cool.
  3. Birds Nest

    sweet gig congrats to him on his hard work
  4. Capt. G

    Age: 21
    Home Town: San Diego
    Travels: Tavarua, Mexico, Hawaii
    Sponsors: Rusty, DC, Watermans, DaKine, Dragon, Futures, Uni Butter

    Cool, but they should have listed Uni Butter right after Rusty...
  5. umoa

    and he fishes!
  6. Surfdoc

    Thats the way it's done!!!

    Only downside...........having Tommy as a inlaw.

    New most scary moment!
  7. Saluki

    "My kids boyfriend hit the big time"

    Congratulations, very cool article!............. unless you kid is a son (then we have an entirely new thread). :D
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010
  8. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    Started out as hobby, turned into a hussle and now its nothing but a habit....but guys making money, oh wait, are you talking about the surfing part?
  9. jgerken

  10. I'M OFF

  11. 1bigfisch

    Sooooo true.

    When she breaks up with him, she'll break your heart too!:hali_parkutuli:

    God I hate that kid.:D
  12. wheeler77

    :appl:Nice post Tommy...
  13. ratboy

    Very cool surf n fish in one of the best places for both on earth!!!!
  14. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    I,m stoked for the kid, he set out on a plan and went for it, not allowing petty bullshit to get in the way. Very polite, and seeing that i,m pretty street smart, the kid dont do dope and in general is a good dude. Your ALL CAPS typing might suggest that you know him and have a personal problem with the young man.
  15. gpomplin

    very nice Tommy...
  16. nunyabizness1

    It's nice to see a kid today who is making his dream come true and doing so in a healthy way. I'm sure he knows better than to mess up when he has you as Delany's dad looking out! Very cool article to share!
  17. wolfman

    some of the best fishing in the world along with perfect waves no malaria and best of all no crowd.thats my trip to tavarua.
  18. Surftikki

    Makes me wish I would have put in the time when i was a kid, rather than doing all that useless book learning/study and edumacation crud. Now I have to pay to go surf and fish in the tropics. Hope that kid knows how good he has it. Cool to see a young guy follow through on a surf dream though. Cheers!
  19. Josh D

    Bad Ass, good to hear Tommy!
  20. fishnsoldier