My first leopard

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by fishnfu, May 25, 2006.

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  1. fishnfu

    Hit up OC looking for beans again!!! No go, high tide and rough!!! Saw one bean feeding in the skinny but that was it!!!
    I started out tossing the grub. I produced two YFC about 13" each

    Used the sand crab net i made and had caught a few crabs for bait!!! Had to really work for them, damn tide was up and set were coming in fast!!! Hooked the first one and got short bit. Reeled in the line to find the crab was minus an ass!!! LOL Same thing for the next four baits, but on the next cast i go BENDO!!! Good little fight, i got it up on the beach and find a leopard at the end of my line!!! Now i'm stoked! My first one on a hook (no shark in a bag here)!!! LOL Here are the pictures of the little thing!

    For the guys, here is a nuggets for you!!! Funky shorts, but i an not one to complain. You know me!!!
  2. cappo

    Nice nugget report, i mean fish report.
  3. sealskinner

    nice tuna.
  4. bradmaralbacore

    nice job...nice jugs...i mean nugs

    You rule man! nice nug.
  6. fishnfu


    Where the hell is my phone call beeeotch? what, you no love me no mo?
  8. fishnfu

    You wanna fish this weekend brother?

    Yes, lets hit it saturday morn, I got alot to do but early sat is good, Call me.
  10. UnReel

    Nice job bro. Cool little leopard. The sharks wheren't hitting hard when I went and got'em the other day. Got the same bit in half crabs untill I used a slow drag across the bottm untill I felt some weight at the other end of the line. Then back off and give them a little slack and a 10 to 15 count and then set the hook. Worked killer.

    Doing anything this afternoon Fishnfu??? After work today ( I get off at 2:30pm) I'm going to make some SC for tomorrow morning but after I get them I plan on hitting that section of beach again this evening for a couple hrs. PM'ed you my #### if you want to hook up this afternoon and fish a bit.
  11. Hellbear

    Nice nug report! Congratz on the leopard.
  12. fishnfu

    I am all over it bro!!! I will meet you out at the spot about 3:00 or so!!! See you then!!