My dogs don't get along...

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Jan from Humbol, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Jan from Humbol

    Yeah, like ham and eggs they don't, here these two lazy bitches are for their afternoon siesta, please note they each have their own quilts and as far as they are concerned they also own the couch.


    And no, we do not believe in spoiling pets.

    i love dags
  3. @-EZ

    Hate to say it but your fucked... I'm stuck in the same arena.
  4. slydawg

    Your situation isn't unique, unfortunately....LOL
  5. Papa "J"

    Fucking Please.....I got 3...

    And yes it is a california king...

    P3150002.JPG hard life.jpg
  6. Bottom Line

    One dog & 5 cats and they all think my bed is theirs - at the same time.
  7. Saluki

    Cool dawgs
  8. Ready4TheYellow

    I have 5 and 1 cat...They run my house..
  9. rdrrm8e


    go figure
  10. Captain Curt

    Axel is a bed hog also............


    Just turned 8 months.........should grow into his ears someday. LOL


    The boat Hanna.........
  11. wheresmypliers

    lazy ass mutts.....thats cool
  12. BluefinCurly


    I thought I had it bad with three labs that my family refuses to leave outside.

    Just where the hell do you sleep Jason? At least Cooters mutt left him a little room.
  13. spike


    Somebody better call TY Penington :frehya2:
  14. crazy hawaiian

    My dog spends his day in our house, but at night he sleeps in a comfy dog house we built for him in the garage.

    My problem pest is my siamese cat. She thinks she owns my right arm. And the bigger problem is she like to sleep at the very top edge of the bed causing me to sleep with my arm in a funny position. When I get up each morning I have to work out the kinks in my arm, and it's usually a little painful. Probably have some longterm effects, but she just does not care! The little bitch.

    She does have the cutest blue eyes though.
  15. Slater

    Life is good...

    dogs97 034.jpg 10.22.2007 054.jpg bulldog-scarf_0091-r.jpg bulldog scarf_0088ggg.jpg
  16. robbertoe

    i have two dogs and i had an outside son found it half eaten in the field across the street this morning.we are going to miss her she was one hunting machine.:hali_parkutuli:
  17. Fishslayer

    El Perro Diablo!! :eek:

    I've never seen a dog's eyes glow red before. Usually they're blue or green.


    hehe.... I'm gonna have to sneak back into the house after the dogs think I've left for work & take a pic. Both of them like to sneak up onto the bed after I've left... :D

  18. byeye

    My dogs like the beach.

    Sorry, it's been so long since I have been around I just had to do it.

  19. jesse

    cool pics...