Mustad Demon Circles for Giant BFT?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Dazed&Confused, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Dazed&Confused

    I fish commercially for BFT in New England, and wanted some opinions on the 4X Mustad Demon Offset Perfect Circle Hooks, mostly in the larger (9/0, 10/0, 12/0) sizes ... we fish a lot of small live baits, small Mustad, Gama or Owner circle or j- or live bait hooks, with #200 all the way, JB to topshot and fluoro and generally 45 lbs of drag on Strike ... I got some of these hook in the ringed and unrigged versions from Melton but haven't fished with them yet; I like the rings but am suspect of the welds (China-made) and we use crimps so ring less necessary, but these hooks look badass ... do you Long Range / Cow YFT guys have any experience with these hooks? How heavy have you fished them? Good hookup ratio?
    The 10/0 seems like the hook I've always wanted, but need to know how they've performed with big fish ... Thanks in Advance and Regards from the Atlantic.
  2. etwizard

    These are my hook of choice. I have a #265, #210, #200, and a#197 YF Tunas Lost quite a few from various maladies, broken lines mostly, a hook pull or two. No broken hooks. Fishing about #32 drag at strike. 100-130# flouro with 130# JB line one spectra. I fished 6/0-7/0 models, and never got above that. We were fishing live sardines and seems like we were using the right size for the bait. Haven't fished squid or chunks with them. I won't get into negative on other hooks. There is good and bad everywhere. Ive had great results with the Mustads.
    Tight lines
  3. CMY SIX

    get your ringed hooks from if they don't have what you want they will make it, good ol' american people!
  4. Sactotuna

    Good hooks, as are many others. I've used the 3X, no issues to 200# fish at all. Don't know about the rings as I crimp my heavy tackle rigs.
  5. Bill W

    My favorite hook for heavy line on the kite. 39943 BLN in 9/0 and 10/0. On a side note, at the show saw a seminar with Randy Toussaint and Frank LoPreste. Randy said the Royal Star recommends 2004 and 2005 Eagle Claw. I was looking at Frank and I could see his eyes roll...
    He then got up and said he recommends Owner super mutu. I asked Frank after the seninar what he thought about the Eagle Claw 2004 and 2005 and he said He has seen too many of them straighten, but each skipper has different expierences.

    As for the boat I ride, the Mustad 39943 BLN in 9/0 and 10/0 are the go to hook for the kite and heavy string. Andy and the crew use them. No rings though...
  6. waterman482

    They are decent i know alot of Capts up in Pei used them this year with success. I did however see one hook come back with a bend in the shank but we still got the release on that fish.
  7. Dazed&Confused

    Thanks, guys - it's good to hear these hooks (so far) have been reliable ... looking forward to fishing the 10/0 nonringed come June, and ordered a few of the 12/0s ... again, we use crimps (the Jinkai short crimps, like the SG for #200 have become the fleet favorite) so the "circle pivot" should be good ... here's a crimp not: I have gone back to Teflon tubing for chafe protection after having springs "collapse" on me, cutting the leader instantly. This was with a #330 Spro swivel, so my thinking is the spring protectors are fine when they have a radius to go around (like a hook) but are dangerous with a small diameter inside them ...
    Thanks for the replies; here's an East Coast BFT tip we swear by - NO bait goes in the water unless the leader has been cleaned with an alcohol wipe ... it never fails to amaze me how dirty the pad is after a wipe or two, from algae, diesel smoke, general crud etc ... always wipe leaders clean ..
  8. Fishybuzz mean someone actually didn't agree lock step with the Grand Poo Ba Frank.......lots of skippers are closet Eagle Claw fans, they are just not Long Range PC but they do get bit really well.....:rofl:
  9. Steve K

    "here's an East Coast BFT tip we swear by - NO bait goes in the water unless the leader has been cleaned with an alcohol wipe ... it never fails to amaze me how dirty the pad is after a wipe or two, from algae, diesel smoke, general crud etc ... always wipe leaders clean .."

    Will have to keep that in mind next time.

    I was testing a solid to hollow spectra connection and on one end of it I looped in a 4X Mustad ringed circle. Admittedly, I probably leaned into it a lot harder than I would ever pull on a fish, but the hook did start to to open up. I believe one of the anglers on these boards had multiple failures with these hooks with them opening up. Not sure if this might have been a bad batch, but he's sworn off of them.

    The danger of bending or breaking a hook is there and it happens with any hook, especially if the hookset is not cleanly imbedded in the corner of the mouth. If you're unfortunate enough to hook a fish in a hard bony spot like the tip of the jaw, the danger is there.
  10. Fishybuzz

    Crap one more thing to deal with, alcohol wipes......but it can't hurt....thanks.
  11. Salmonater

    Todd and myself used these on a long range trip this year. Between the two of us we hooked and landed or released close to 70 Yellowfin with no failures. 6/0 ringed mostly for Sardines and 10/0 ringed for Salami. I really like these hooks!
  12. ifish42na

    39943BLN 12/0
  13. Bearwell

    Sorry to get off track from the Mustad hooks but be careful with the alcohol wipes. Most/all are based on Isopropyl alcohol which may have an effect on your line. Nylon is rated as "good" but not "excellent" on some of the chemical resistance charts. If you're using 200# nylon, then it's probably not much of an issue but if you are using light line, isopropyl might not be a good idea.

  14. Fishybuzz

    what about fluoro carbon??
  15. Bearwell

    I don't know for what type of fluorocarbon is used in fishing line. From the Toray site:

    their fluorocarbon rates from "Satisfactory" to "Greatly Excellent" to organic solvents. This is pretty generic. In general, fluorocarbons have good chemical resistance.

  16. Cybertuna

    Hi Chris, so after reading all this stuff - I got to thinking that I really don't want to bring ANOTHER bottle of something, ex: isoprophyl alcohol on bd. So how about if I substitute something - that for sure will be on-bd anyway - like vodka? I did a search on the net on this and I found a bunch of comments like: "Although there may be more interesting ways to spend your time with vodka, it is an excellent eco-friendly disinfecting and cleaning agent. When choosing a bottle of vodka as a cleaner, find an inexpensive but high-grade vodka (80 proof or higher). " I'm not real sure about the inexpensive part - but I'm real sure Jim, Garry and I can satisfy the high grade requirement.. Wonder how well that would work? :rofl::rofl:

  17. JohnTFT

    We caught 14 Giant Bluefin last year. Used the Eagle Claw L2045 and the Quick Rig Charlie Brown 12/0. No failures.

    As far as using the Mustad hook - I would rather spray paint a paper clip black and crimp that on than use the demon circle. The result will be the same. Straightened. As least with the Mustad hook I would expect it.

    We no longer use alcohol wipes on our leaders. We also no longer use mono leaders. We use a long mono topshot but the leader is 180-200 flurocarbon 20-30 feet long.

    Roger - dont waste perfectly good Vodka on a fish. Whats wrong with you.

    And Chris - stop spoiling internet truth sessions with facts.

  18. hydro

    John - I am interested in your experience with the Mustad demon circle. I have used a 4X R39943BLN 7/0 successfully on yellowfin up to 195lbs, but I only used them for a couple days so the sample size was small. What size were you using? Was it a 3X or 4X? Multiple failures?
  19. JohnTFT

    They were 3x and 4x 7/0, 8/0 and 9/0. I straightened two out on one kite fish (I dont remember if it was an 8/0 or 9/0 I was using). Fish ate both baits. The group I was fishing with had 5 other failures for a total of seven. I need to find the pictures.

    I sent some of the hooks back to Mustad - never got a response. I never posted pictures of the hooks on the net either. Figured it was a bad batch and give the company a chance to get it figured out.

    Others mileage may vary. But I went back to the EC, Quick Rig and the Super Mutu's.

    For GBFT at the drag pressures we are fishing out of the rod holder (its not sport fishing its commercial fishing for us) I wont take the chance with the Demon Circles. Everything breaks, bends straightens. I completely understand that. But, seven hooks on one long range trip three separate anglers - no thanks.
  20. Fishybuzz

    John thanks..that is good info.......I use Eagle Claws and catch a lot of flack for using them from some folks... they say straighten......but I personally have never seen or had one fail...I'm sure they do but just haven't witnessed it. I'm sure all hooks will fail given the right situation......but I have confidence in Eagle Claws and that IMO is half the battle.......several notable LR skippers use and recommend them.....