MTK July Moon

Discussion in 'Noreast Fishing Reports' started by Northeastfshman, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    I recently wrote and article about fishing in MTK for Bloody Decks and talked about fishing in and around the July and August moons in MTK for your shot at a 50... more speficically fishing 2 or 3 days before those moons.

    Well this year's July moon hasn't dissapointed. My buddy Hughie who I mention in the article felt the need to toture me with some pics and reports.

    On Saturday he had 20+ fish between 20 - 40 #'s and capped it off with a 57# fish for one of his customers. These were taken drifting Porgies during the day :).

    57# Larry (ASKA Pig Pen's), best

    I set my old fishing buddies from up West with him for last evening. They missed the end of the flood, (the flood is just better), becuase of Thunderstorms but once the Ebb started to go it go better and better with each drift. They ended with about 30 fish for the three of them from 25# to 41#'s with the majority being over 30#'s all taken on eels. By the middle of the tide they were playing catch and release with all high 30's bass.
    Vince with Bass.jpg

    The difference is not fishing the obvious rips ... but rather looking for the little stuff like boulders and muscle beds that coincide with something forcing the tide through there.

    If you haven't fished Montauk on these moons .. well you're missing the best big bass fishing this planet has to offer :)
  2. brantc

    Jesus...that's awesome....

    When are we going back there?
  3. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    We should talk about the July moon next year and get it on the books. It's not CA. You can set your watch for the most part to what to do when.