Ms Magoo 8/7 - 8-9 20012

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Sea Breeze, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. Tuna-Tic

    Left aboard the Ms Magoo out of Westport Wa. the evening of 8/7 for a three day trip along with 8 other anglers of which none were previously known by me and a crew of three. Captain Dave, First Mate John Wad and his accomplice Kevon aka Fuzzy to a semi bumpy ride out to the fishing grounds some 40 miles pretty much straight out.

    First morning was pretty uneventful with only three troll fish until 11am and it was starting to look like it was going to be a long boat ride when... things started looking up. :) We started hooking a few doubles and got a couple going on bait but nothing like what was to come. We got a phone call and ended up running 20 miles or so SW where the fish were biting better. We got some doubles and a couple triples on four of the trolled clone rods and got a some bait stops going.

    About 5pm all heck broke loose and we ended up the day fishing in the dark and pulling those torpedo's on board until 9:30 pm which is well after dark. Hard to see your line that time of night but if you kept your distance from other fisherman and used the boat lights it worked out fine. Ended the day with around 175 fish. The ocean was flat calm and I got probably the best night's rest of my life being gently rocked to sleep in a berth uder the bow.

    Started out the next morning kind of slow again and it was 11am until the bite started going off again. We got a few more double's and triples until the skipper spotted some diving birds ahead and quickly circled them to what ensued to be a WFO most stellar bite I have ever been on. I would throw my little livie in and start to count and by the time I hit four it was fish on. It was a clear, bright morning and with polarized glasses you could see into the crystal blue water some thirty feet. I had multiple fish after my bait at the same time and and it was totally awesome to say the least. Bait stop lasted and hour or so but was long enough to stuff the boat and then some. Ended up with the hold stuffed with 216 fish by 1:30pm and headed back to the dock into a pretty stiff wind which made for an interesting bumpy journey.

    I can say even though we got only two days of a three day trip ( Not a bad, but a GREAT thing) it could not have ended any better and it was none too soon as the big blow for the weekend had started and we were back to the dock by 5:30 pm Thursday night.

    Sorry for being so long winded but this was a stellar trip with a first rated Skipper and crew and a great time was definately had by all. Little porn for you..

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  2. Mr. Doodles

    Way to go!
    And great job Dave and crew he's one of the best!
  3. wdlfbio

    Nice. Gotta love returning early because you are outta room for more fish. Fishing in the dark is a hoot.
  4. baja kid

    great report. you forgot to mention how sore your arms were LOL thanks for the pics.
  5. Easy Willis

    Thanks for the report. Mr. Magoo is a good boat.
  6. dstinger

    Great report.... Tuna fever is rising LOL
  7. lofin

    Nice post ,the magoo does it again...Plugs the boat!
  8. Jason"bigfish"

    Awesome !!
  9. tsully3

    Dam Excellent trip, you might need a bigger freezer.
    I have got to get a bigger boat.
  10. mamagoo

    Glad you had a great trip Chris! Hope you had a bunch of ibuprofen with you! I know Dave and Johnny say their is no rest for the wicked! They are kinda workaholics when it comes to albies!
  11. Tuna-Tic

    I forgot to mention how hard these guy's really work to keep everyone fishing. Gaffing, Baiting, and retieing hooks. There was a time I thought I wanted to be a deckhand. Ha ! I couldn't come close to being able to keep up with these kids or Dave for that matter. These guys are tough !!

    Got it covered :) I canned all this batch. 225 10 oz. jars after giveing away 3 or four fish. Course this is my second trip of the year. :o Vac packed all of the first one. 7 fish that time. Plenty. ;)

    That's a workout for sure ! Not to mention the nice little bruises I have on my stomach. :D
  12. Tuna-Tic

    It was so great to meet you Marianne. You got yourself one heck of a crew there !! Those guys are awesome !!!

    And welcome to BD !!
  13. silver slayer

    looks like an awsome trip. that is a fast boat with a great captain and crew.
  14. KillerBeee

    Awesome trip. Way to go. Interesting pattern in the fishes eye for sure.
  15. GregE

    Oh my!!

    My back hurts just reading this...