Mrs. KC Scores 8/10

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by KC Kevin, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. KC Kevin

    Her first Dorado!

    Left Dana Point at a leisurely 7:30 am. No worries, it was all fogged in anyway. Glad I through the radar head on the boat. :D

    Got some of the best bait from EB that I've seen. Not a single bait rolled all day. Not one.

    Stopped off the Jetty and made 9 nice pieces of minimac. Wife caught them all. :rockin:

    Headed off in the fog toward the 209. Tough to find the cabbage but it cleared up eventually. First paddie dry; second one was LOADED with Yellowtail! Game ON. Not. They were 2.5 inches long!! LOL Still chased my sardine.

    Hit the 209 for nada and trolled south toward the 181. Found a few paddies but not a one was holding. Water temps started to cool about 5 miles north of the 181 so I decided to turn towards Oceanside. Its about 12 by now and we find a paddy that the guys say is holding but we can't get a fish and nobody else is bendo either.

    then it comes, a radio call from a boat called Angel Force (i think..). Says he's sitting on a paddy thats been stupid wide and would anybody like the ##. Now, radio fish are not worth chasing, generally, but this gent seemed sincere. I punched in the numbers and it was 8 miles south southwest of our current position. Put the throttle down and we took off like a bat out of hell at 32 kts.

    Got in range and we could see the Dodo's jumping. Dropped in with one other boat and got picked up pretty quickly. Flouro got bit off on that one but pretty soon I was picked up again. Set the hook and handed the rod to my wife. She did a great job getting it to the boat and we stuck the gaff and got it on board.

    I got a nice bull, about 15 lbs, then she gets picked up on her rod! Fights it like a true BD'er and pretty soon I stick her first Dodo!

    Its getting late now and we've got three nice Dodo's, thats plenty. Hooked five fish in a little over an hour.

    the Water was FLAT today. Best day I've seen start to finish. Absolutely epic weather.

    Find the warmer water guys. The kelp that was holding was in 76-77 degree water. We ended up about 5 miles east north east of the 181.

    Oh, and yes. :High_Five

    P8090004 (2).JPG P8090010 (2).JPG P8090009 (2).JPG
  2. il delfino

    NICE - way to bounce back...

    Water temps and kelp scarcity are a bit of a concern for the weekend - not sure where to go yet....
  3. DeVo

    Nice!!! Congrats to Mrs. KC on her first Do do!!!!!:appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  4. byeye

    Very nice Kevin, I notice you are out there quite a bit.
  5. Eye Problem

    Nice job Kev and the mrs. :cheers:
    I already know you caught some fish , but did you get lucky? :High_Five
  6. locobro

    :High_Five - You dog.
  7. Scarleg

    Most excellent KC.....good on you to get the wifey out on some fish:appl:
  8. play4therush

    great report.. a delight to read great pics.. thanks
  9. Jack Hammer

    Good job Kevin. Sounds like fun. I'm heading tomorrow. Thanks for the report.

  10. samiclaus

    :appl: well done..... now if I can get out this Sat and take a # at a paddy....
  11. inSTANt bendo

    Nice! What a great day for paddy humpin'....I mean hoppin'!:Romantic_ :High_Five
  12. Surfdoc

    Nice job on getting the wife on fish Kev!!!

    But why is she wearing your boxers ???

  13. Mstonefish

    Awesome Kevin, big congrats to Mrs KC on her dodo :cheers: :cheers: :rockin: :rockin:
  14. Squid Vicious

    .................mommy has skills !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice going Kevin, sorry about not returning the call last week. Heading to Cat Island this weekend, but lets shoot for next Friday if you want for a swap.

  16. BigJoe

    Good job on finding the fish and getting a few in the boat for you and the wife.
  17. KC Kevin

    Dude, I got lucky over 13 years ago when I married her.

    and YES! :High_Five
  18. KC Kevin

    She says to tell you she wears 'her' boxers because its OK if they get fishy and they come off easy LOL
  19. Que Popi

    Nice going guy.
  20. WreckinBall

    Way to go, Kevin!