Mounting Transducer on Pontoon Boat

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by cliftoma, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. cliftoma

    Wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to mount a fishfinder transducer on a pontoon where it wouldn't get knocked off when beaching the boat.

    Originally when we purchased the boat the transducer was mounted to the back of a pontoon tube. Unfortunately, the mount was one that did not have the flip-up feature found in the newer fishfinder models. Basically, it did not flip up when bumped from the front or when cruising at high speeds as the newer models do. Eventually after a couple of beachings the transducer broke off and had to be re-mounted.

    I was wondering if there is a different method or place to mount the transducer so this doesn't happen again. We are purchasing a newer model with a flip-up type of mounting bracket. Does anybody know if this will solve the problem or if we need to find a new place to mount the transducer?
  2. skelly1

    They make the kind that can go on trolling motors. Would that help?
  3. cliftoma

    Yeah, we have thought about that. Do you know if that kind of mount limits the effectiveness in any way?

    Obviously, you wouldn't be able to use the unit to determine depth while cruising. Not too concerned about that.

    Just want to make sure it is working correctly while fishing.
  4. Sluester

    You talking about those little toons or a real one?
  5. cliftoma

    A real one.
  6. Sluester

    You should be ok with the flip-up. Mine is attached to the starboard side toon. It does flip up so when I beach it nobody grabs ahold of it while going around the boat. I've got the live well pump on the other side. I always pull into where ever I beach because the front on the toons are rienforced and I like slicing into the beaching area. Do you back in?
    I have forgot to flip up the ladder and snaped it off a couple times.:o
  7. Dirtguy

    Is beaching a recommended practice for an aluminum boat? I'd say to stop beaching the thing and re-mount it on the toon.

  8. Sluester

    That's what's nice about a toon. Shallow draft and I can pretty much drive it up on a sand bar and banks. Havasu can be tricky because the shoreline is rocky in some areas but the river and local lakes are no problem.