Mount Laguna today

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Skip Jackson, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Skip Jackson

    Kinda froggy, but work still sucks on days like this!

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  2. Aggro

    BRRR looks like tree stand material LOL
  3. One Track

    Bucks are headed to the desert.
  4. Aggro

    Some day I'm gonna go hunt right there so all the huggers get bent on that cam LOL
  5. CaptainTB

    I got called off of work today, and I'm still not sure if it's worth going to sit for the evening
  6. CaptainTB

    Forget it not worth goin all the way up there to sit in my stand and have snow and ice fall outta the tree onto me. I'll just stay home and watch hunting on TV. Good luck to everyone going for it today!!!
  7. sportyg

    Try S. C. If you know what the is and how to get in there.
  8. Skip Jackson

    It's fun to play in. Snow shoes would have been nice. The deer went POOF! DESERT BOUND!

    I did about a mile and a half round trip. Felt more like 10! I was going to go farther, but quickly realized it would be exactly the same going back to the truck. At least I didn't have to wade through wild rose, everything was buried.

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  9. Aggro

    Waist deep crap in the draws just like two years ago. I'm hunting hogs tomorrow. OINK

    May have to wait until spring to gank stands. Yippee