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Discussion in 'Household Electronics Tech Talk' started by g's toy, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. g's toy

    I have a desk top computer that needs a new mother board. When I replace it will I lose the windows 7 programming on the hard drive?

    Thanks, Mike
  2. Uncle C

    No you will not, your operating system ( Windows ) is stored on the hard drive.

    If you are only replacing the motherboard, make sure you know what processor is in there so you can get a new motherboard with the appropriate socket for your CPU. Also, take note of how many and what kind of expansion slots your current motherboard is using so you know everything else will connect up. Another note, if you are moving the cpu from the existing motherboard to the new motherboard you will also need some new thermal paste for between the cpu and heatsink.

    Out of curiousity, what is the problem with the old setup?
  3. g's toy

    Uncle C. The tower is under warrantee from B**t. B*y. The grand kids cannot find the back-up reinstall disks and B.B. already changed the mother board without telling us that the original O.S. might not work. They use it for their school work. No idea yet if the new chip set and BIOS are the same as the old M.O.B.O.

    The O.S. is a OEM that was installed by the maker. I'm going to pick up the whole system and see if I can get basic screen to appear. If the search box appears, I can use (SLUI4.exe) to get to the windows 7 reinstall site.

    If that does not work I'll try to reboot the system in safe mode and see what happens-arg.

    Or at last resort, purchase a new licensed version of Win.7--umm $200 out the of the fishing fund this year!

    Any ideas that I have not stated so far?

    Thanks, Mike
  4. Uncle C

    Hmm, if it is under warranty and BB is swaping out parts under that warranty you should not have to pay anything extra to get the system working again imo. You should not have to purchase a new license just to get your warrantied system to operate again.

    Many computer systems nowdays purchased at retailers do not have backup discs anymore, you must make your own once you get your system home, just a heads up so you can do it this time around.

    The chipset and BIOS should not matter in this case since they were the ones who swapped the mobo, I just wanted to mention that initially incase you were the one who was purchasing the replacement becuase it is easy to get the wrong cpu socket and or needed expansion ports, etc depending on the age of the system.
  5. g's toy

    Thanks for the info. I did make back up disks, but the kids cannot find them--arg! I agree that B.B. in El Cajon should deliver a working system back to us. Appears that I'll have to go there in person, start with the manager and maybe raise ????

    The original problem was after 30 minutes or so the computer would not work--take a dump. The replacing of the mobo was their idea on how to fix the problem. It has taken them three weeks to get to this point!

    After all is said and done, we will see if the computer is really fixed! Looks like a slightly bumpy road ahead for us!

    Thanks again, Mike
  6. Uncle C

    No problem, you are welcome. If that did not fix it, it is possible that one of the cooling fans was not operating correctly and thus over heating the system after some time. Would it reboot right after it took a dump, or would it take some take before you could reboot again?
  7. g's toy

    Uncle C. I picked up the tower from B.B. The Win 7 HP program will not work now, no way to boot it up. Almost a lost cause but, after calling M.S. spending about 30 minutes on the phone with them at NO charge. They determined the Win 7 program needed to be reinstalled.

    I gave them the old key code, service rep checked it via their security system. Ah-ha, I'll get a "New Free" install set of disks from them in 5 working days since the original program was a OEM.

    It pays to spend time talking to M.S.--saved $200+ from having to purchase a new Win 7 from B.B or where ever. Really good support from Microsoft IMO!

    Personally, I have M.S System on my back-up computer and a Mac. for every day use. I'll see down the road if Mac has good support if/when the Mac has a problem.

    Thanks for your help.

  8. Uncle C

    Mike, glad it all worked out for you and the kids. I actually had to deal with MS once before and after a little time on the phone I got a new code to get a computer up and running again at no charge as well.
  9. Cuernos

    I'm in the business and I would never take my PC to BB. I have numerous clients with horror stories like yours. I have listened to false things they have told customers while I'm waiting in line and the price they want to charge for work that does not need to be done. Replacing the motherboard should have not prevented the system from booting into windows. Especially if its the same board and chipset. Sounds like to me they f'd something up while they worked on it. Good luck.
  10. g's toy

    Raul, what they told the son-in-law and what they told me was completely different. John knows almost nothing about how computers work or installing M.S. programs etc. BB people did a turn-around when I started to ask them questions. I'm a self taught sort of geek, rebuilt/reworked several different types/brands of computers over the years.

    This was a new problem for me, lost back up disks and highly questionable answers from them concerning what the problem really was--three tries to fix it--guess I'll have to stop going out of town for awhile until it is running again. . From $30 for software install to $140 for operating system install--yea get them while they can. Data recovery from over $200 to over $1600==nice if one gets that from customers.

    Bottom opinion line for me, I agree with your assessment of their practices!

  11. Cuernos

    Mike before you change or doing anything else. What kind of computer is it (Brand)? A lot of Manufactures create a recovery partition you can boot from and reinstall the OS and drivers. But before you do that make sure you recover any personal data like photos and such off the drive.
  12. g's toy

    Raul, the tower is a H.P. There are some photos on the hard drive, not much else since the kids use it for their homework--master homework files are on the schools computer system. The photos are burned on a back-up disk that I have so no problem there. UPS called today, tomorrow there is a delivery that needs a signature--must be the new Win 7 disks from M.S. Damn, M.S. came thru with flying colors on their service. I'll install the clean version and see if BB did fix the problem.

    Hopefully this will be the end of the problems. If not, please send bail money to El Cajon P.D. in my name--LOL.

    Thanks, Mike
  13. Cuernos

    What MS sent you is a straight version of Windows 7. It may or may not contain the drivers for the hardware on your system. It's best to boot into the HP Recovery system which will format, Install windows, and drivers for you. Basically back to Factory default. Try this link.
  14. dkd711

    DAmn, I hate those BBuy monkeys they call techs! What a joke!
  15. g's toy

    With the help from BD guys, plus great tech support service from M.S. the computer is up and running! Short/small lesson, if you purchase a computer for family members. Keep a copy of the recovery and O.S disks at your place--not their home! Now I have the only admin. ability for this computer. With teenage kids they like to download a lot of s**t on a computer--oops no more! They have all the popular sites, but no more gaming! That's why I got them a new X-box when they got the new computer last year!

    As far as BB, well three attempts to fix it, 4 weeks later, sending it out to a different repair company, it appears to be fixed. Umm, mother board dying after 1 year???

    Back to fishing after Robby works on the boat---lol---YEA!
  16. 110yd

    Sounds like a typical BB experience to me. Someone walks in with a problem, and if the user is not up to speed technically, they pay through the nose...If you have any data that you deem important on your system, I can not emphasize the word "BACKUP" enough.
  17. dkd711

    I always Tape a copy of the Backup inside the tower for friends and family member PCs that I always have to tech support for.

    Install Acronis True Image and make a clone backup of the computer in it's clean working state now and when the time comes restoring it will only take 20 mins instead of hrs.