Most disturbing video ever

Discussion in 'Goof Off Photo Editing & Video Clips' started by cretin, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. cretin

    PM me and I will send you this site.....They were talking about it on a local radio station. If you are easily offended dont waste you time. I cannot link it off here...too disturbing
  2. Double Z

    What's it about??
  3. mercerm

    send it...
  4. cretin

    Cant really say...weak stomach or easily offeneded then stay away
  5. tunafin

    I'm game. lets roll it......... strickly your convienience sir.
  6. keg1234

    Don't do it.

    Sick ?

    Send it

  8. Double Z

    yep, send it
  9. aguachico

    post it with the warning. ok send me the link.
  10. Gil Marlin

    I'll look at it...
  11. Az.monkey

    is that the vid of you sharting on your co-worker or you and the goat ?
  12. rdrrm8e

    My box is open to all
  13. ideyboy

    yep i will have a look please pm to ideyboy
  14. cretin

    Just use your imagination!!!
  15. Gil Marlin

    The video reminds me of the inshore fishing right now...

    send it !
  17. vegasman

    send it
  18. Double Z

    Didn't even make it through.

    Almost puked...
  19. rdrrm8e

    Oh Pooh...!
  20. ConSeaMate