More Local Lings - 4/29/12

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Yutaka, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Yutaka

    Another day out with Seahunter Eric on his rig. Today, we went looking for a couple of new spots for Lings out of Long Beach. Did a little research and had a couple sets of numbers to look at. We found one of the two spots, and it paid off.

    I’ll let the pics do most of the talking.


    Eric with a fat 33 incher to start off the day.


    Me with a 33 and 29 incher.

    Eric rounded out the double limits with a 30 incher. We called it a day after that and didn’t even try for any other species.

    BTW, the entrance to Alamitos Bay is still holding a good number of Mini Macs and Sardines. We jigged up a bunch on the way out again.

    Eric and I both agreed that this would be the last Ling outing for a while. Think we harvested enough, and we have a good amount vac packed in the freezer. We realize how fortunate we have been this Spring, and don’t want bad juju from being overly greedy. (Assuming it’s not too late already)

    Looking forward to the summer season, and what it might bring. J
  2. bevz

    Nice job! I'm jealous. What'd you say those numbers were?
  3. aquaman_2020

    very nice for a days work ,did you catch those on the mini macs ? thanks for the report/pics
  4. Tunahead

    NICE LINGERS....way to GO guys! LOL
  5. krazy karl

    NICE Lings!
  6. Yutaka

    We caught all of them on Sand Dabs, just like before. We did try a couple of Macs, but they definitely showed a preference for the 'Dabs. But among the stomach contents of the fish were a couple of small Rockfish and an Octopus.
  7. 26grumpy

    Always cool to see what they've been eating. Nice fish and so close to home!
  8. Alan

    Nice report glad you slammed um.
  9. gonefshng

    great job, thanks for reporting!
  10. Fishinguy

    Nice pictures and cool report.
  11. ganders631

    Awesome! Thanks for the report.
  12. spike

    Those photos are making me hungry, nothing like fresh Ling with Kim-Chi sauce!
  13. flyliner

    Awesome. I love lings. Very jealous.
  14. vincentek9

    awesome report and nice lookin lings!
  15. Rocket Dog

    sick. I have to move my home base out of MDR to LA for the LING LINGS!
  16. bigjsandyballs

    Great job! Only have one ling this season so my ling quota is still open haha. All I wanna know is how deep?