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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Mike G ..., Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Mike G ...

    Heading to Alijos on the Star on 5/27. The moon phase calender shows there will not be much of a moon at all. Moon Phases | StarDate Online Is this, in general, a good thing? I.e., are tuna sometimes off the bite during a full moon (for whatever reasons), or does it not matter a gnats _ss?

  2. 1:11

    it matters, but it doesn't. Learn the moon phases, learn which way the moon illuminates, whats gibbous, whats crescent, whats waning and waxing which is which. Be able to look at the moon, name the phase and know where it is going.

    Learn as much as you can about the moon and how it applies to fishing, but then you will find that fish are always in search of food and must eat so moon-phase isn't that important for choosing your trip dates imo.

    Fish feed every day in every phase of the moon. I would be more interested in knowing the times for the high and low tides and fishing with more intention in those times. I believe the lunar effect on fish is physical as well as geographic. Not only do tides affect movement of water and trigger feeding. But sunrise, sunset, moon rise and moonset are much the same as breakfast and dinner, and lunch and midnight snack to humans. if conditions aren't right though, or fish aren't present, or sometimes just wont bite or don't bite it wont matter. Keep fishing. They gotta get fired up eventually, they are fish afterall.
  3. Fishybuzz

    Tuna must eat 10% of their body weight daily.......they are opportunistic feeders...they eat when food is available ...the stomach and digestive track in a tuna is small in relationship to the body size and processes food very quickly so they must eat all day and night. the best moon phase....the one I'm fishing on....go fishing don't worry...
  4. PullinAhi

    You are fishing a good moon phase. I picked the American Angler 8 day that leaves the day after you on the 28th. Dark moon phase with big tide swings. Also if the tuna and yellows are biting squid at the rocks it will be easier to make bait on a dark moon.
  5. JonesyPHD

    IMHO, moon phases factor more if you're going to fish yellows and WSB at Cedros on the way back up the line, and whether or not you can get Squid to float.
  6. Mike G ...

    Thanks all
  7. Mike G ...